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From "Christopher K. St. John" <...@distributopia.com>
Subject watchdog http, eol handling
Date Fri, 14 Jun 2002 21:12:31 GMT
Ryan Lubke wrote:
> > Long term, Watchdog probably needs to move to a proper
> > HTTP client library.
> Agreed.  I've been thinking about prototyping a replacement
> using Latka from the Commons project (based of the HttpClient
> library, also in the Commons project), but haven't had
> a lot of time to work on this.
> Do you have any thoughts on this?  Have you taken a look
> at Latka?  Do you have an alternate suggestion?

 I took a quick look at Latka. It seems pretty close. Are
you familiar with:


 What's the story? There doesn't seem to be much in the archives
about how this happened, at least not indexed by google, other than:


> > Medium term the places where Watchdog servlets use
> > println("data") need to be changed to use
> > print(data+"\r\n") or print(data+"\n") or whatever, as
> > long as they do it consistently, and the number of magic
> > constants needs to be minimzied.
> I will start going through the existing test code and make
> changes as appropriate.

 Just to be clear, when I whine and moan like that I'm
also offering to help.

 MinTC currently passes the full set of Watchdog tests,
but is obviously non-compliant. As part of my internal
testing, I was thinking about writing new Watchdog tests
as I hit nonconformant behavior. I'm currently trying
to figure out what the balance need to be between pushing
conformance tests back out to watchdog, and how much 
should go into internal testing ala Tomcat 4 tester.

Christopher St. John cks@distributopia.com
DistribuTopia http://www.distributopia.com

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