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From Greg Wilkins <gr...@mortbay.com>
Subject Re: [jetty-discuss] Re: Host header again.
Date Mon, 04 Feb 2002 13:24:26 GMT
Ryan Lubke wrote:

> Doesn't pay to rush does it :).
> Fixed.

Thanks for the fast turn around 

> So aside from this problem with the Host header, how goes testing?

Not bad after your fix running against Jetty 4.0 Beta0:

[515] ant servlet
     [java]  [watchdog] ------- TEST SUMMARY -------
     [java]  [watchdog] *** 348 TEST(S) PASSED! ***
     [java]  [watchdog] *** 0 TEST(S) FAILED! ***

[516] ant jsp

      [java]  [watchdog] ------- TEST SUMMARY -------
      [java]  [watchdog] *** 182 TEST(S) PASSED! ***
      [java]  [watchdog] *** 0 TEST(S) FAILED! ***

But I'm sure you guys will add some more tests soon that will ruin this for me :-(

I'm very interested to see how we go when security constraints are added
to the tests.   I know it will be a bit difficult to get a test infrustructure
going, but that part of the spec is very vague and is going to be rich
pickings for different interpretaions!

thanks again.

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Mort Bay Consulting Australia and UK.    Mbl Phone: +61-(0)4 17786631
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