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From Greg Wilkins <gr...@mortbay.com>
Subject Watchdog PEDANTS!
Date Sun, 13 Jan 2002 09:37:47 GMT

The watchdog test suite is actively being worked on and several bugs have
been fixed and it is getting pretty PENDANTIC!!!! Which is very good for
a test suite.

It has caused me some head scratching, but the latest Jetty4 in CVS
is passing all of the servlet tests and only failing 2 of the JSP
tests (which I have yet to look at (feel free to pre-empt me))

The quality of Jetty4 is being greatly increased by this testing, so
I've CC'd this to the watchdog developers list just to say thanks!

Testers often don't get the credit that they deserve - so I have
added an entry on the Jetty contributors page for the watchdog developers.


Greg Wilkins<gregw@mortbay.com>          GB  Phone: +44-(0)7092063462
Mort Bay Consulting Australia and UK.    Mbl Phone: +61-(0)4 17786631
http://www.mortbay.com                   AU  Phone: +61-(0)2 98107029

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