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From Shawn McMurdo <sh...@lutris.com>
Subject Patches for Watchdog tests
Date Thu, 05 Apr 2001 01:51:40 GMT
I have been working with the watchdog tests using Jigsaw and HTTP 1.1
and Enhydra and have found a few problems in the tests.
These are mainly related to the tests not being able to handle multiple
headers being sent on a single header line as is done in HTTP 1.1.
There are also some problems with the tests expecting a particular
date format and timezone.
And finally, some tests use the "Set-Cookie" header with no name and only a
which is not correct in the current cookie spec. Since these tests are not
designed to
test cookies or cookie headers it is not necessary to use the "Set-Cookie"

I have attached a complete patch file that includes all changes.
Would it be preferable to send individual diffs for each file?
There are 13 modified files and a total of 330 lines in the overall "diff -u"
patch file.
I created the diff against the 2001-02-03 source release.
Let me know if you want a different format or need additional information.
Discussion of the changes is welcomed.

Shawn McMurdo              mailto:shawn@lutris.com
Lutris Technologies        http://www.lutris.com
Enhydra.Org                http://www.enhydra.org

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