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From "vanitha.venkatraman" <Vanitha.Venkatra...@eng.sun.com>
Subject Re: OK, What Gives?
Date Mon, 04 Dec 2000 17:16:30 GMT
Thanks for the investigation.
I will make the change in GTest (hopefully today).

-- Vanitha
> "vanitha.venkatraman" wrote:
> > Craig,
> > So, this is what is happening:
> >
> > With Tomcat-4.0-20001129 and Tomcat-4.0-20001130 builds, the Watchdog tests do
> > not run, they hang for all targets (all, jsp, jsp-xml, gtestservlet). I could
> > execute the jsps manually from the browser. So, the war files get deployed on
> > the server. But the tests do not work from GTest. No idea why this is
> > happening. GTest has not changed in a while.
> >
> > I went as far behind as jakarta-tomcat-4.0-20001103 build and all the Watchdog
> > tests WORK. They execute for all targets.
> >
> After a bunch of hours, I discovered what is actually happening, and what I
> suggest we do about it.
> The HTTP spec says that the request line, and the headers, should be
> terminated by CR+LF.  The current implementation of the HTTP/1.1 connector
> in Tomcat 4.0 (20001130) is strict about enforcing this -- if a client sends
> a line terminated with just LF instead, it will hang forever, waiting for
> the CR.  (Note to Remy -- the test connector works fine -- it must be
> tolerant of this case).
> I looked at the source code for GTest.  In order to send data, it wraps a
> PrintWriter around the output stream for the socket, and generates output
> like this, where "request" is the request line to be sent:
>     PrintWriter pw = new PrintWriter(out);
>     ...
>     pw.println(request);
> On a Windows system, println() will append "\r\n" to this line, so if you
> run the GTest client on a Windows box, everything works fine.  However, if
> you run it on a Unix box, as I was doing, it only appends "\n", and
> everything comes to a screeching halt.
> I modified a local copy of GTest to make the above line look like this:
>     pw.print(request + "\r\n");
> instead, and it works fine on both Unix and Windows systems.
> Here is what I suggest we do:
> * I propose that Tomcat be modified to be tolerant of request lines
>   and header lines that end with LF instead of CR+LF.  The HTTP/1.1
>   spec suggests this in section 19.3.  Remy, could you make this
>   change please?
> * I propose to check in my modified version of GTest.  It is not reasonable
>   for the test suite to assume that the server under test is tolearant of
>   this kind of spec violation.  Is that OK with you, Vanitha?
> >
> > --Vanitha
> Craig McClanahan

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