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From "Santosh Singh [TEMP]" <Santosh.Si...@eng.sun.com>
Subject Re: OK, What Gives?
Date Thu, 30 Nov 2000 23:33:22 GMT
 Does it haang or it takes a long time ...?
   Now if you use the option all , both servelets and jsp tests are run plus jsp 
tests are run in two different modes (jsp and XML) . before it starts running 
the tests the XML view of all the jsp files in the workspace is generated which 
takes considerable time.I'll suggest you running the tests one by one just to 
see that tests are actually running.Here are the options for that
   jsp (jsp tests with jsp pages)
   jsp-xml (jsp tests with xml pages)
   jsp-all (jsp tests with both jsp and xml pages one by one)
   gtestservlet (servlet tests)
   all (all the above tests)
Hope this helps....

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> Subject: OK, What Gives?
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> I'm trying to get the "jakarta-watchdog-4.0" tests to run against Tomcat 4.0,
> and am not having much luck.  I did a "./build.sh dist" build of Watchdog,
> copied the WAR files to Tomcat's webapps directory, and started Tomcat.  Then 
> did
>     cd <<jakarta-home>>/dist/watchdog/bin
>     ./watchdog.sh all
> and get the following output:
>     Guessing WATCHDOG_HOME from watchdog.sh to ./..
>     Setting WATCHDOG_HOME to ./..
>     Using classpath:
>     Buildfile: ./../conf/jsp-gtest.xml
>     jsp-test:
> and it just hangs.  Running netstat shows that there is an established TCP
> connection on port 8080, so apparently the client has actually contacted the
> server, but there's no output at all.
> Any theories on what is going on?
> Craig McClanahan

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