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From sant...@locus.apache.org
Subject cvs commit: jakarta-watchdog-4.0/doc watchdog-design
Date Fri, 03 Nov 2000 17:12:59 GMT
santosh     00/11/03 09:12:59

  Added:       doc      watchdog-design
  First version of watchdog design doc
  Revision  Changes    Path
  1.1                  jakarta-watchdog-4.0/doc/watchdog-design
  Index: watchdog-design
  Jakarta Watchdog-4.0 Design Document
  Watchdog-4.0 consists of various JSP and Servlet tests intended to validate JSP1.2 and Servlet2.3
specification and api. 
  Watchdog-4.0 itself utilizes various other components namely:
  - Ant (ant.jar): Ant is a Java based build tool. In theory it is kind of like "make" without
makes wrinkles and with the full portability of pure java code.
  - GTest (testdriver.jar): GTest is a Java based single client used by the Watchdog-4.0tests.
Based on the rules of Ant, GTest is defined as a task for each request in the jsp-gtest.xml
and servlet-gtest.xml files, which are parsed by Ant. Each of the GTest attributes (request="GET
/test/binaries/image1.gif HTTP/1.0"; goldenFile="${gdir}/image1.gif"; responseMatch="PreInclude";
expectHeaders="Content-Type:image/gif"; exactMatch="true ) specified as part of the 'GET'
request in the XML files, are defined as setter methods in the GTest client. These setter
methods must be defined as public void and takes a single argument. The name of the method
must begin with "set", followed by the attribute name, with the first character in uppercase,
and the rest in lowercase. 
  Watchdog-4.0 Tests Approach:
  The Watchdog-4.0 Tests will utilize the Tomcat Reference Implementation to develop JSP and
Servlet CTS tests. 
  The tests will also use the 'GTest' client, to provide golden-file comparison for result
checking, session tracking, sending request headers etc. 
  Each JSP or Servlet assertion will have a server-side test associated with it. 
  There is one JSP/Servlet test for each method in the api.
  Tests exist for positive and negative assertions
  The fields 'testName', 'assertion' and 'testStrategy' provided in the jsp-gtest.xml and
servlet-gtest.xml reflect the assertion being tested and referenced in the JSP1.2/Servlet2.3
  The JSPs and Servlet server-side code have comments in them that reflect the assertion and
purpose of the test.
  The following steps are taken for executing the Watchdog-4.0 tests: 
  1 User invokes watchdog.bat or watchdog.sh 
  2.The above batch files invoke Ant with an XML file (jsp-gtest.xml / servlet-gtest.xml)
and a target in the XML as parameters
  3.Ant parses the XML file and executes the specified target
  4.Results are validated by the target either in the form of expected-header results, return
codes, golden-files or a combinations of them.
  Watchdog-4.0 Directory Structure
         	|            |             | 
         	|            |             | 
        Readme         |             | 
        build.xml	     |             | 
        build.bat      |		   | 
        build.sh       |		   |
                       |  	   | 
             	   [doc]          [src]         
                     design           |           
         |	     |		    |		 |		|         
         |	     |		    |		 |		| 
         |	     |		    |		 |		| 
         |           [golden-files]   |            |              | 
       [bin]	   [clients]     [conf]        [etc]	     [server]
       watchdog.sh     |        jsp-gtest.xml     ear-dd.xml      |  
       watchdog.bat   [org]    servlet-gtest.xml  web.dtd         |
                       |                                     -------------     
                      [apache]                               |           |
                       |                                [jsp-tests]   [servlet-tests]   
                      [jcheck]                               |           | 
                       |                                ----------       | 
                  ----------                            |        |       |
                  |        |                        [WEB-INF]  [jsp]  [WEB-INF]
                [jsp]    [servlet]                                       |
  							             |         |
  								  web.xml  [classes]
  Watchdog-4.0 Tests Hierarchy
  The Watchdog-4.0 test hierarchy is divided into server-side JSP/Servlet tests and on the
client-side to have golden-files. These are basically the jsp-tests and the servlet-tests
  The client, GTest, resides as part of the 'lib/testdriver.jar' file. This is a single client
used to execute all the JSP and Servlet tests.
  jakarta-watchdog-4.0/Readme:This gives info on how to build the Watchdog-4.0workspace and
also its dependencies. 
  Watchdog-4.0 Build:
  build.xml: This is a rules file that is input to ant for building the Watchdog-4.0workspace
  build.sh, build.bat: These are platform specific scripts for building the workspace
  Misc Watchdog-4.0 Files:
  jakarta-watchdog-4.0/src/conf/jsp-gtest.xml: List of all the JSP assertions tested
  jakarta-watchdog-4.0/src/conf/servlet-gtest.xml: List of all the Servlet assertions tested
  jakarta-watchdog-4.0/src/bin/watchdog.sh,watchdog.bat: Platform dependant script files to
execute the Watchdog-4.0tests
  Watchdog-4.0 Client Files:
  These are the golden-files used by each of the JSP/Servlet server-side tests after the results
are processed.
  The hierarchy for these follow the same path as the server-side tests. The parent directory
of these are specified by the name value pair in the XML files (jsp-gtest.xml, servlet-gtest.xml).
The field 'wgdir' and its value specify the directory location of the golden-files.
  jakarta-watchdog-4.0/src/clients/org/apache/jcheck/jsp/client: JSP Clients
  jakarta-watchdog-4.0/src/clients/org/apache/jcheck/servlet/client: Servlet Clients
  Watchdog-4.0 Server-side Files:
  JSP server-side tests:
  jakarta-watchdog-4.0/src/server/jsp-tests/WEB-INF/classes: This contains all the beans used
refrenced by the JSP tests
  jakarta-watchdog-4.0/src/server/jsp-tests/WEB-INF/tlds: This contains all the tlds refrenced
by the JSP tag tests
  Core_syntax Tests:
  jakarta-watchdog-4.0/src/server/jsp-tests/jsp/core_syntax: This directory covers tests for
chapter#2-Core Syntax and Semantics and chapter#4 - Standard Actions and Directives of the
JSP1.2 specification.
  jakarta-watchdog-4.0/src/server/jsp-tests/jsp/core_syntax/beantests: Has tests for useBean,setProperty
and getProperty action tags.
  jakarta-watchdog-4.0/src/server/jsp-tests/jsp/core_syntax/directives: Has tests for the
forward,include,page and taglib directive
  jakarta-watchdog-4.0/src/server/jsp-tests/jsp/core_syntax/implicitobjects: Has tests for
the implicit objects - request, response, pagecontext, out, session, config, page, application
  jakarta-watchdog-4.0/src/server/jsp-tests/jsp/core_syntax/scripting: Has tests for declaration,
expressions and scriptlet.
  jakarta-watchdog-4.0/src/server/jsp-tests/jsp/core_syntax/misc: Has tests for plugin.
  JSP Engine Tests:
  jakarta-watchdog-4.0/src/server/jsp-tests/jsp/engine: These are tests for the following
api classes:
  JSP Tag Ext Tests:
  jakarta-watchdog-4.0/src/server/jsp-tests/jsp/tagext: These are tests for the following
api classes:
  It also has tests for the various options in the tag library descriptor. This is specified
in the following:
  Tests for the Lifecycle of Tag are located in:
  Servlet server-side tests:
  jakarta-watchdog-4.0/src/server/servlet-tests/WEB-INF/web.xml: Contains the mappings for
test servlets
  Tests for javax_servlet api:
Tests for methods methods destroy(), getServletConfig(), getServletContext() and getServletInfo()
are provided. 
Tests for methods forward() and include() are provided.
Tests for methods init(), getServletConfig(), getServletInfo() are present here.
Tests for methods getServletName(), getInitParameter(), getInitParameterNames, getServletContext()
 are present here.
Tests for methods specified in the javax.servlet.ServletContext interface. All of them are
postiive test cases.
Tests for methods specified in the javax.servlet.ServletException class. Tests for the constructors
are also provided.
Tests for method javax.servlet.ServletInputStream.readLine().
Provides positive tests for methods specified in the javax.servlet.ServletOutputStream class.
Provides positive tests for methods specified in the javax.servlet.ServletRequest class.
Provides positive tests for methods specified in the javax.servlet.ServletResponse class.
Provides positive test for javax.servlet.SingleThreadModel interface.
Provides positive tests for methods specified in the javax.servlet.ServletOutputStream class.
Provides constructor tests for javax.servlet.UnavailableException class.
  Tests for javax_servlet_http api:
Provides positive tests for the Cookie class.
Provides positive tests for the HttpServletRequest class.
Provides positive tests for the HttpServletResponse class.
Provides positive tests for the HttpSession class.
  How to add new Watchdog-4.0 test
  To add a new test to the Watchdog-4.0directory, do the following:
  - Create the server side code (JSP / Servlet) in the respective directory
    (The new directory should be located in jakarta-watchdog-4.0/src/server/...)
  - Add all the related bean classes used by the JSP / Servlet in the respective WEB-INF directory
    (The new bean classes should be in 
    (JSP: jakarta-watchdog-4.0/src/server/jsp-tests/WEB-INF) 
    (Servlet: jakarta-watchdog-4.0/src/server/servlet-tests/WEB-INF) 
  - Add golden-files if needed by the tests
    (The new files should be located in 
    (JSP: jakarta-watchdog-4.0/src/clients/org/apache/jcheck/jsp/client)
    (Servlet: jakarta-watchdog-4.0/src/clients/org/apache/jcheck/servlet/client)
  - If it is a servlet test, an entry is required in the web.xml located at
    (Servlet: jakarta-watchdog-4.0/src/server/servlet-tests/WEB-INF/web.xml)
  - Make an entry for the test in the jsp-gtest.xml / servlet-gtest.xml located at
    (JSP/Servlet: jakarta-watchdog-4.0/src/conf )
  - Clean the existing watchdog build (build.sh clean)
  - Build the new workspace (build.sh dist) 
  - Test against the latest milestone Tomcat build
  - Putback the tests if they pass

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