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From sant...@locus.apache.org
Subject cvs commit: jakarta-watchdog-4.0/src/shell webserver.xml
Date Mon, 09 Oct 2000 23:23:27 GMT
santosh     00/10/09 16:23:27

  Added:       src/shell webserver.xml
  watchdog 4.0
  Revision  Changes    Path
  1.1                  jakarta-watchdog-4.0/src/shell/webserver.xml
  Index: webserver.xml
  <?xml version="1.0" encoding="ISO-8859-1"?>
  This file is the default configuration file for the
  JSWDK server. Following is a brief overview of the
  JSWDK server configuration options.
  webserver dtd and xml:
  WebServer - a collection of web services managed by a
              single HTTP Web Server instance
      adminPort - the Web Server administration port
      Service - managed web Services
  Service - a distinct web Service resource which is
            accessed via a unique "host name/ip address/
            port number" tuple
      id - unique Service id
      port - the registered Service port number
      hostName - the registered Service host name
      inet - the registered Service ip address
      docBase - the Service document base
      workDir - the Service work directory
      isWorkDirPersistent - indicates whether or not the
                            Web Server should return the
                            associated work directory to
                            the host system upon shut
      isInvokerEnabled -  indicates whether or not this
                          Service instance will automaticaly
                          invoke unmapped servlets.
      WebApplication - managed Web Applications
  WebApplication - a collection of associated Web Application
                   resources which are "mapped" to a specific
                   Service URI prefix.
      path - the URI prefix associated with this Web
      docBase - the Web Application document base
      defaultSessionTimeOut - the session timeout
  command line options:
  	-help                       This Message
  	-config [file | url]        Read config from URL
  	-noconfig                   Do not read config
  	-adminport [int]            Administration Port
  	-serviceid [int]            Service Id
  	-port[:id | :*] [int]       Listen on int [for Service id]
  	-inet[:id | :*] [inetaddr]  Bind server to inet [for Service id]
  	-hostname[:id | :*] [name]  Use name as hostname [for Service id]
  	-docbase[:id | :*] [name]   Use URL as the content base [for Service id]
  	-workdir[:id | :*] [name]   Use scratch file [for Service id]
  configuration attribute details:
      all "id" values must be unique with a collection
      of like elements.
      most configuration values can be declared in one
      of following three means respectively:
          command line
          xml declaration
          default as specified by the dtd and/or
      many fields have default falues which are either
      specified in the associated dtd or within JSWDK.
      these default values can be changed by modifying
      the included webserver.xml and fully qualifying
      the appropriate element attributes.
      a JSWDK server can be started on any platform
      with no changes to the provided default
      webserver.xml configuration.
      the JSWDK server will create a default
      configuration file upon initialization if it does
      not find one either by looking in the JSWDK
      install directory for the file "webserver.xml or
      the "-config [file | url]" command line option.
      if an explicit WebServer.adminPort value is not
      specified then a series of 5 attempts will be
      made to bind to an available port number randomly
      chosen between the range of 2048 and 8192.
      the Service.id field is required as the key for
      the command line arguments. duplicate Server.port
      entries will cause the subsequent Services to fail
      the Server.hostName is opional and a value of
      "localhost" will be used if it remains
      a Server.port field must be unique within a
      collection WebServer configuration. subsequent
      Service instances specified with duplicate port
      numbers will fail initialization.
      the Server.docBase is the file system location
      which is accessed by the Web Server to route
      inbound http requests to a specific Service instance
      and not picked up by an associated Web Application.
      a document base can be specified as relative or
      absolute and need not reside within the JSWDK install
      directory. it should be possible to specify URI
      addresses as well effectively turning this WebServer
      Service instance into a proxy server although this is
      experimental with this release.
      the Server.workDir specfies the local file system
      directory available to the Web Server as needed.
      the directory can be specified as relative or
      absolute and need not reside within the JSWDK
      install directory.
      the Server.isWorkDirPersistent is an indicator to
      the WebServer to either save or return to the host
      system the associated work directory.
      the WebApplication.path is used to specify the
      URI prefix with which this Web Application
      instance is to be associated with. the specified
      value of this field must be unique amongst a
      collection managed by a single Service instance.
      the WebApplication.docBase is the file system
      location which is accessed by the Web Server to
      service inbound http requests routed to this
      specific Web Application instance. this field
      shares many of the attributes specified in the
      Server.docBase description above.
      the WebApplication.defaultSessionTimeOut is not
      utilized at this time and will likely specify
      the "session time out in minutes" threshold in
      a future release.
      any number of Service and/or Web Application
      instances can be readily added to an existing Web
      Server configuration by adding the appropriate and
      valid (as specified by the dtd and associated rules)
      xml details.
  <!DOCTYPE WebServer [
  <!ELEMENT WebServer (Service+)>
  <!ATTLIST WebServer
      adminPort NMTOKEN "">
  <!ELEMENT Service (WebApplication*)>
  <!ATTLIST Service
      id ID #REQUIRED
      port NMTOKEN "8080"
      hostName NMTOKEN ""
      inet NMTOKEN ""
      docBase CDATA "servlet-tests"
      workDir CDATA "work"
      isWorkDirPersistent (false | true) "false"
      isInvokerEnabled (true | false) "true"
      defaultConfiguration CDATA "web.xml">
  <!ELEMENT WebApplication EMPTY>
  <!ATTLIST WebApplication
      path CDATA #REQUIRED
      docBase CDATA #REQUIRED
      defaultSessionTimeOut NMTOKEN "30"
      defaultConfiguration CDATA "web.xml">
      <Service id="service0">
      <WebApplication path="/servlet-tests" docBase="servlet-tests"/>
      <WebApplication path="/servlet-tests" docBase="war:file://localhost/tmp/scheck.war"/>
      <WebApplication path="/servlet-tests" docBase="war:file://localhost/home/mandar/check/jakarta-check/build/scheck.war"/>
      <WebApplication path="/jsp-tests" docBase="jsp-tests"/>

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