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From "Davidson, Misha" <MDavid...@silverstream.com>
Subject Problem running tests
Date Thu, 03 Aug 2000 18:45:03 GMT

I've been trying to run the latest versions of the test and ran into
some problems.
I realize they might be trivial, but I am not sure how to solve them, so
I would 
appreciate any help I could get.

1. Binary distribution: all the versions available since Aug 1 see to be
 jakarta-watchdog-20000731.zip    31-Jul-2000 04:13   2.7M  
 jakarta-watchdog-20000801.tar.Z  01-Aug-2000 04:02     1k  tar archive
 jakarta-watchdog-20000801.tar.gz 01-Aug-2000 04:02     1k  GZIP
 jakarta-watchdog-20000802.tar.Z  02-Aug-2000 03:39     1k  tar archive
 jakarta-watchdog-20000802.tar.gz 02-Aug-2000 03:39     1k  GZIP
 jakarta-watchdog-20000803.tar.Z  03-Aug-2000 04:07     1k  tar archive
 jakarta-watchdog-20000803.tar.gz 03-Aug-2000 04:07     1k  GZIP
they are only 1K long and .zip files are missing... Is something broken
in the build process? 

2. The latest build available is for July 31st. 
However, when I try to run it from the bin directory
        watchdog jsp localhost 8030
I get the following error: 
        ..\conf\jsp-gtest.xml:1: Can't set basedir null due to The 
                filename, directory name, or volume label syntax is
messing around with the bat file and tring to run from diffrent
directories did not help. I know this behavior does not show up in the
07-20 build. Has something changed? Do I need to do something


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