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From "Henri Yandell" <flame...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: m2 builds (was: Where can I get a recent nightly build?)
Date Thu, 10 Jan 2008 04:08:41 GMT
On Jan 9, 2008 9:01 AM, Rahul Akolkar <rahul.akolkar@gmail.com> wrote:
> On 1/9/08, Henri Yandell <flamefew@gmail.com> wrote:
> > My fault on the dupe - I've been shoving user and dev into the same
> > folder for years, so tend not to notice which list I'm on.
> >
> > I've started with String taglib - best to scratch the itch you have
> > etc. First easy steps are done, next steps are the taglibs specific
> > bits.
> >
> > Namely:
> >
> > * Generating the TLD (and putting in the jar as taglib.tld).
> > * Building an example war.
> > * Building a doc war.
> >
> <snip/>
> My initial impression at recreating the current release artifacts
> using m2 (whether we should stick to the current style of release
> artifacts TBD, but current packaging has worked for us so far) has
> been that each taglib will have a multi-module build, one that has a
> jar packaging (for taglibs-foo.jar) and two that will have war
> packaging (foo-examples.war and foo-doc.war). Probably need some
> antrun execution for the TLDs, possibly for parts of the doc jar
> (especially for RDC, which uses tag files and custom stylesheets to
> generate TLD reference docs).
> The above plan will require quite a reshuffle in the svn layout (hence
> I opted for a branch).

Yeah - I really hate having to have multiple projects. The example and
doc war are not projects, they are part of the website in Maven terms
- we just don't want to do things in xdoc or apt. Feels that it should
still be entirely doable as a single project.

I think we should try for an atomic project; see if that works. Only
if we can't make that fit should we go the triple project route.

> > The Ant system has the ability to output different versions of the
> > specification - I think we'll probably be losing that given that we
> > have to specify which servlet jar we're using. So I'm not sure if
> > 'Generating the TLD' is worthwhile, or if we should just change the
> > xml file into an actual tld file. I guess it depends if we lose any
> > data.
> >
> <snap/>
> Yup, see antrun bit above. About different specifications, it may be
> possible to do that using m2 profiles.

I think this is the first decision - is there any value in keeping the
tld generation. It's not as if we've been building and distributing
taglibs for different spec versions; the RM has always chosen one.

The simpler we keep the build, the more we can maintain with less
effort. While powerful, I think the build system's complexity has been
one factor in lack of energy to do anything.

Course - the other part is the general lack of energy in JSP :)

> > I'm not sure if the wars will be easy or hard - haven't done that in
> > m2, and it tends to be single-artifact focused. Need to investigate.
> > The example war is presumably easy - need to figure out how to build
> > it. The doc war involves generating the documentation. Need to see
> > what is out there plugin wise.
> >
> <snip/>
> Producing wars isn't hard (once you have all the contents). There is
> atleast one taglib plugin [1], though I haven't used it.

Yeah, didn't look too hard, just haven't done it since m1.


> [1] http://maven-taglib.sourceforge.net/m2/

Artistic licensed - so made me wince and I looked for others :)


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