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From Bjorn Townsend <bj...@sourcelabs.com>
Subject Re: Memory leak in ELEvaluator: approaches and alternatives
Date Wed, 26 Sep 2007 15:53:37 GMT

On Sep 26, 2007, at 12:06 AM  September 26, Henri Yandell wrote:

> Yikes. Glad they did, when I looked at doing it in the latest
> Collections code, I seem to recall it feeling like a pain as there
> were ties to more than just the one class. This is presumably an older
> copy.

The commit logs imply that this branch was created immediately after  
the 1.0.6 release.  I diff'd the 1.0.6 ELEvaluator class against the  
latest 1.1 trunk and there were no code changes - just an update to  
the standard license header reflecting a new year.

Now, if you mean the LRUMap class, yes, more than one class is  
involved -- whoever did this also did the legwork of picking out and  
importing LRUMap's dependent classes as well, putting them into src/ 

> 1.0.x as opposed to 1.1.x. Which raises the question, what else was
> committed to 1.0.x that was not committed to 1.1.x (or to Commons EL).

An interesting question. Since I've been digging into this anyway  
I'll do a general survey of the old branches and tags and see if  
there is any other forgotten code that might be useful.

> It might just be that it was never released, nor mentioned in that  
> issue.

That was my best-case scenario, yes. :)

> I'm all for it.

Cool. I'll give patching it into 1.1 a shot and make sure it doesn't  
break any of the unit tests.  Hope to have that done today, unless  
Murphy intervenes.



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