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From "Henri Yandell" <flame...@gmail.com>
Subject [proposal] Unstandard Taglib creation/release (and future of Taglibs)
Date Wed, 16 May 2007 21:53:14 GMT
Based on the Taglibs future email a while back, it sounds like we
might have some number of people interested in working on things.
Here's a proposal for a general direction:

1) Taglibs contains three active items:

* Standard 1.1 (1.0 being considered an older, unsupported release).
* Unstandard - containing a merger of all useful parts of the other Taglibs.
* RDC.

3) Merge the following into Unstandard. Then retire them.

* Log. Tempted to dump commons-logging from trunk and have two log
taglibs, one for log4j and one for jdk logging.
* DateTime. JSTL replaces this, but before we retire it we should
investigate for snippets for Unstandard.
* i18n. Same as DateTime.
* JNDI. Be interesting to see if there's anything we could grab from this.
* Random. Maybe something for Unstandard. Overlap with String.
* Regexp. We should investigate whether any of its bits are worth
rewriting on top of JDK 1.4 for Unstandard.
* String. Hesistant to push too much of what's in here into
Unstandard, but a few
might be worth it.

2) Retire the following:

* DataGrid. Better to work well with and recommend DisplayTag.
* Benchmark. Not a big enough deal.
* BSF. I wonder if we should offer this over to the BSF project?
* Cache. This was never released and should still be in the sandbox.
* Input. I don't think anyone is using this anymore.
* IO. This stuff should be done in Java imo.
* JMS. Messenger was never released. Again, this should be in Java.
* Mailer. This is a tough one, users bring it up, and find problems.
I'd rather see people being encouraged to work with commons-email with
a templating language and dropping this.
* Scrape. Best done in Java methinks.
* XTags. Not used enough.
* Ultradev. I'm sure this is ages out of date.
* Image. Better as an API, which I think Abey had somewhere.
* Mailer2. I'm still not sure about email from jsp pages :) Again,

Also all the Deprecated's should be Retired.



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