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From Karl von Randow <k...@xk72.com>
Subject Re: Taglibs future
Date Sun, 22 Apr 2007 02:41:56 GMT
Henri Yandell wrote:
> The Taglibs project has been dead for years. I'm sure it's not going
> to improve; taglibs are a pain to implement (especially if support is
> targeting older JSP specs), JSTL replaced many and at the same time
> JSP stopped being the obvious choice for web applications. It's
> frustrating to both users and committers to have the project sitting
> with doors apparently open, so I'd like to suggest a closing up of
> shop. 
I absolutely agree. I still find the input tag library useful, and in
fact I've made improvements to it on my local copy that I use in
production sites but haven't committed yet. I'm just going to go ahead
and commit what I've done, make some more improvements that I've wanted
to do for a long time and commit those too - with a view to releasing a 1.2.

I'm not quite sure what has caused my personal apathy towards the
project... there are some really useful pieces here! Although I
personally only use the input taglib (other than standard, of course).

I agree with all of what you've said about the frustration of open doors
with no one home. I guess the question is, is anyone using these
taglibs? If we cut out the deprecated / replaced by standard taglibs are
we left with something that is actually useful for people? If it is then
I hope we (myself included) find that motivation to at least present a
this-is-still-workable/valid impression to taglibs?


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