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From "Rahul Akolkar" <rahul.akol...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: svn and build question
Date Sat, 15 Apr 2006 07:17:44 GMT
On 4/15/06, mh983 <mh983@yahoo.com> wrote:
> I have a patch I'd like to submit, but I'm having a
> tough time with subversion.  Not too long ago, when it
> was CVS, I managed to get all of the source brought
> down and get the build.properties and
> common.properties and such just right to make it
> compile.
> Now I'm trying to grab the latest copy of the code
> from svn.  I'm not even sure of the url.  I at first
> did:
> svn checkout
> http://svn.apache.org/repos/asf/jakarta/taglibs/proper
> but this started downloading all versions.
> In particular, I want input.  So I tried
> <...snip...>taglibs/proper/input/trunk
> That worked nicely to get me the 'input' files.  But
> then I'm missing common.xml and common.properties and
> "ant dist" got me nowhere.  Then I tried
> taglibs/trunks-proper to get the common files, but the
> directory structure then wasn't right.
> needless to say, I'm very confused right now about
> what exactly to checkout and how the directory
> structure should be.
> thanks for any suggestions you may have.


You're on the right track. Basically, in this case,

    all common files

After setting up properties files, adjust overall build command in
build.xml in taglibs/ (depends="prepare,dist.documentation,input").
Run ant in taglibs/

Ping again if you have more questions. Not sure how active the input
taglib is, but thanks in advance for any patches.


> By the way, my patch adds support for nested
> properties   on the input tags such as <input:text
> name="person.address.zip"...> which would resolve to
> bean.getPerson().getAddress().getZip().
> It also adds support for boolean bean properties whose
> getters are named with "is" instead of "get".
> Lastly, I added support for using a Map from the
> request in the options, optionLabels and optionValues
> attributes of <input:select>, so instead of
> <input:select options="<% new java.util.HashMap();
> ...%>" your controller can put a map in the request
> with a name such as "myoptions" and the jsp page
> simply has <input:select options="myoptions"/>
> Anyway, I've gone on too long.  Hopefully someone can
> help me get this checked out with svn so I can build
> again.  The taglibs have been great to use so far,
> Thanks!
> mike

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