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From Shane Smith <safarish...@gmail.com>
Subject RDC template tag
Date Tue, 25 Oct 2005 21:25:11 GMT
Hey all,

I'm trying to setup a RDC using the rdc:template tag, but running into
an issue with grammars:

In the RDC docs, it says that the grammar attribute of the tag takes,
"One or more grammars needed by this instance".  It doesn't say how
they should be deliminated.  I've tried both a space and a comma, but
neither one appears to work.  I only get the grammar file that was
last listed.

Regardless, the most common reason for doing this is to list one voice
grammar, and one dtmf grammar.  But, RDCTemplate.java has hard-coded
logic to assume voice grammars, and fills in that attribute of the
grammar tag.  According to spec, the grammar tag attribute of "mode"
allows for either "voice" or "dtmf", but not both, and if left blank
it defaults to "voice".

How can I specify more than one grammar file using rdc:template, and
also, how can I specify one as a voice grammar and one as dtmf?


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