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From Pierre Delisle <Pierre.Deli...@Sun.COM>
Subject Re: [Standard] Applying patches
Date Fri, 30 Sep 2005 18:02:21 GMT
Apologies for the long silence. As noted by Felipe, Sun has been
focusing a lot of its energies on GlassFish lately and we've been
lacking the resources to stay active at jakarta taglibs.
[And I know I could use my spare time to work on apache stuff,
but the 4 kids have been asking a lot of attention as well lately...]

I've raised the issue with management so we can clarify the situation
regarding the standard tag library and on our involvement within 
jakarta-taglibs. I'll update this list whenever decisions are made.

Rahul, feel free to apply your patch. I would recommend running
the TCK as well (Felipe can fill you in).


    -- Pierre

Henri Yandell wrote:

> On 9/17/05, Rahul Akolkar <rahul@apache.org> wrote:
>>On 9/15/05, Felipe Leme <jakartalists1@felipeal.net> wrote:
>>>AFAIK, we are all developers for all taglibs, so please feel free to
>>>apply the patches yourself without review if you are confident to do so.
>>Just broadcasting my intent to see if anyone has anything insightful to
>>say ;-)
>>>Of course, a peer review would be nice, but giving the current status of
>>>the project, I wouldn't count on that. In fact, I have the feeling that
>>>the even the Standard taglibs are going to be dormant, as JSTL 1.2 is
>>>now being developed at Glassfish (I just realized it these days - we
>>>have not talked about it on the list and I guess Sun just opted for this
>>>path as Glassfish is open-source and our project is dormant)...
>>And indeed, you had quite some insight. Given the above, I'll just leave
>>things where they are in Jakarta Taglibs Standard land.
>>On 9/16/05, Felipe Leme <jakartalists1@felipeal.net> wrote:
>>>Henri Yandell wrote:
>>>>Hmm. So maybe we shouldn't be moving Standard to subproject level,
>>>>maybe we should just be planning to put Standard into dormancy.
>>>Haven't thought about that, but it could be an option. Anyway, I think
>>>we should ask the JSTL EG group about its plan first - I don't like the
>>>way Sun has silently hijacked JSTL to Glassfish (*), so let's not do the
>>Definitely. Felipe, would you like to initiate that conversation with
>>the JSTL EG (you might be best equipped to do that)? We're also going to
>>have to revisit the decision about Standard's future.
> Cc me on that if you mail about it Felipe. As far as I understand, the
> JSTL EG makes up the Standard committers and their failure to be
> involved in the discussions about Standard implies they're not really
> around here anymore.
> I'd definitely appreciate if you took the lead on it (it's one part of
> the inactivity jigsaw that I'll be looking at next quarter), but if
> not it'll slowly rise to the top of my TODO list :)
> Hen
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