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From Rahul P Akolkar <akol...@us.ibm.com>
Subject Re: RDC: Functional/unit testing RDC-voiceXML apps using canoo webtest
Date Sat, 16 Jul 2005 13:46:07 GMT
Stu Robertson <srobertson@nvisia.com> wrote on 07/16/2005 03:04:54 PM:
> I'm using canoo webtest to regression test our voiceXML app.  It 
> requires a small change to the underlying htmlunit library, as described 

> in the email below, posted to 
> http://lists.canoo.com/mailman/listinfo/webtest/
> Anyway, I've already found this extremely useful.  While it obviously 
> doesn't involve a voice interpreter, it does validate that the JSPs (and 

> of course RDCs) as well as the controller logic are functioning 
> correctly...without having to pick up a phone.

Stu - 

I haven't tried canoo, I'm hoping to soon now, based on your feedback. It 
would be great if you could take your previous email and create a new 
tutorial page on the wiki [ 
]. You've done all the work for the new tutorial, maybe slap three curly 
brackets around the patch and we should have a very useful wiki page ;-)

Thanks Stu!

P.S.-I added a line for credits on your TryingOut tutorial, a trivial 
update from me earlier left no indication who the original author was - 
for the casual surfer atleast.

> Standard canoo stuff.  Nothing special other than the minor patch to 
> make canoo work.  Check out the excellent docs at 
> http://webtest.canoo.com for more info.
> Stu
> =======================================
> The patch to htmlunit was simple, basically telling it to consider the 
> mime type of "application/voicexml+xml" xml instead of being unknown.
> I'll submit this to the htmlunit list (once sourceforge comes back 
> up...down for maint!) but in case others want to do this before...if 
> ever...the patch is applied to the normal build, here's the changes I 
> $ cvs diff DefaultPageCreator.java
> Index: DefaultPageCreator.java
> ===================================================================
> RCS file: 
> java,v 
> retrieving revision 1.17
> diff -r1.17 DefaultPageCreator.java
> 93c93,95
> <         else if (contentType.equals("text/xml") || 
> contentType.equals("application/xml")) {
> ---
>  >         else if (contentType.equals("text/xml") ||
>  >               contentType.equals("application/xml") ||
>  >               contentType.equals("application/voicexml+xml")) {
> Rebuilding htmlunit was a bit of a pain (I'm new to maven), and I had to 

> change project.xml's project id from htmlunit:htmlunit to just htmlunit 
> in order for the jar to get properly created (the ":" apparently messed 
> things up, at least under cygwin).
> Canoo is working very well for voiceXML unit testing!  Obviously it 
> doesn't have a voice interpreter embedded (next release though, right?) 
> but frankly testing at the app server level is extremely useful.  My 
> steps look just like Marc suggested, for example:
> <invoke stepid="get home page" 
> url="/vui/choose-language.jsp?langChoiceResultNBest=1;english;english" 
> <verifyXPath description="Should see select user type"
>        xpath="/vxml/form/field/prompt"
>        regex="true"
>        text=".*If you are a.*"/>
> Thanks Marc!
> Stu

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