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From Stu Robertson <srobert...@nvisia.com>
Subject RDC: Functional/unit testing RDC-voiceXML apps using canoo webtest
Date Sat, 16 Jul 2005 19:04:54 GMT
I'm using canoo webtest to regression test our voiceXML app.  It 
requires a small change to the underlying htmlunit library, as described 
in the email below, posted to 

Anyway, I've already found this extremely useful.  While it obviously 
doesn't involve a voice interpreter, it does validate that the JSPs (and 
of course RDCs) as well as the controller logic are functioning 
correctly...without having to pick up a phone.

Standard canoo stuff.  Nothing special other than the minor patch to 
make canoo work.  Check out the excellent docs at 
http://webtest.canoo.com for more info.


The patch to htmlunit was simple, basically telling it to consider the 
mime type of "application/voicexml+xml" xml instead of being unknown.

I'll submit this to the htmlunit list (once sourceforge comes back 
up...down for maint!) but in case others want to do this before...if 
ever...the patch is applied to the normal build, here's the changes I made:

$ cvs diff DefaultPageCreator.java
Index: DefaultPageCreator.java
RCS file: 

retrieving revision 1.17
diff -r1.17 DefaultPageCreator.java
<         else if (contentType.equals("text/xml") || 
contentType.equals("application/xml")) {
 >         else if (contentType.equals("text/xml") ||
 >               contentType.equals("application/xml") ||
 >               contentType.equals("application/voicexml+xml")) {

Rebuilding htmlunit was a bit of a pain (I'm new to maven), and I had to 
change project.xml's project id from htmlunit:htmlunit to just htmlunit 
in order for the jar to get properly created (the ":" apparently messed 
things up, at least under cygwin).

Canoo is working very well for voiceXML unit testing!  Obviously it 
doesn't have a voice interpreter embedded (next release though, right?) 
but frankly testing at the app server level is extremely useful.  My 
steps look just like Marc suggested, for example:

<invoke stepid="get home page" 
url="/vui/choose-language.jsp?langChoiceResultNBest=1;english;english" />
<verifyXPath description="Should see select user type"
       text=".*If you are a.*"/>

Thanks Marc!


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