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From Henri Yandell <flame...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: Subversion in test repo
Date Thu, 07 Jul 2005 03:27:38 GMT
On 6/30/05, Tim O'Brien <tobrien@discursive.com> wrote:
> > 2) Missing files. The migration only gets subdirectories, there are 8
> > files in jakarta-taglibs/ and 7 in jakarta-taglibs-sandbox/ that (I
> > assume) need to find their way over to the trunks-proper and
> > trunks-sandbox directories. Next step for me is to adjust Tim's
> > scripts so they import these files at the end.
> Again, the solution for commons was to simply import these over
> manually.  It wasn't pretty, but it worked.

Import as in copy-svn-add/svn-import, or import as in run cvs2svn?

Looks like I can use cvs2svn, provided I do it before making those
directories and setting up the svn externals (needs testing).

We lose the branch information on those files, 151 commits in general,
26 on branches. But it does keep the 125 HEAD commit history.

I'm adding them by hand (ie no history) for the moment so we can start
testing build success etc. I'll need to do a full migration again to
test the cvs2svn of the top level files.


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