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From Rahul P Akolkar <akol...@us.ibm.com>
Subject Re: RDC: Plan B for getting Nuance to work with RDCs
Date Tue, 14 Jun 2005 14:18:05 GMT
Stu Robertson <srobertson@nvisia.com> wrote on 06/14/2005 09:18:22 AM:
> Thanks for the input Steve.  I think we share the same frustration 
> with failed attempts to bludgeon Nuance's flaky SRGS support into 
> submission.
> Sadly, even a single CDATA is causing me problems.  I was able to get 
> close using the compatibility hack, but was never able to assign the 
> correct value to it (or any value at all :-).

None of you have any access to Nuance support? Their grammar guide sure 
shows CDATA's and assign's and sub-rules and everything that is needed in 
GrXML for us [ http://community.voxeo.com/vxml/docs/nuance20/grammar.pdf 
]. There is a sample retail application on Page 181 that uses GrXML. Have 
you tried changing tag format to "Nuance" i.e. try using the same grammar 
root element as the sample shows? I guess you have tried everything by 

> Unless somebody has a workable approach for getting standard grammars 
> to work on these platforms, I agree that it makes sense to have RDCs 
> optionally serve GSL.  Hopefully it will just be a temporary 
> workaround, but it's beginning to seem unavoidable.  At least it will 
> mean that Steve and many others can seriously consider RDCs on their 
> next project.  Getting more eyes and hands on this should increase 
> the pool of expert input (I'm a newbie to the voice stuff :-).
> Rahul, others, what do you think?

Lets do what we have to for now and move ahead. Yes, it will be nice to 
have Steve back ;-) We can get GSL grammars into the distro as soon as 
they are available (ideally, we should confirm that GrXML is indeed broken 
on Nuance from an experienced Nuance grammar dev - Steve, are you familiar 
enough with that? Daniel? Does anyone on this list have such a contact?).

> And does anybody have or know where we can find grammars in GSL 
> equivalent to the RDC basics like alpha, digits and alphanum?  I've 
> reluctantly started looking through Nuance GSL docs,  but it would be 
> nice if we didn't have to start from scratch.

About authoring the equivalent GSL grammars, grammars of the type you are 
talking about cannot be part of the distribution, they have to be 
contributed using the Apache procedures by the original author. They will 
be distributed under the ASL, and ASL's compatibility with other licenses 
is a long story. I'm sure we can write a GSL grammar or two fairly quickly 
to soothe nerves about RDCs on Nuance. I can volunteer to dig into GSL and 
translate, say, the rdc:alpha grammar, but that will have to be on a 


P.S.-Nice wiki page Stu, looking forward to many more :-)

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