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From Stu Robertson <srobert...@nvisia.com>
Subject Re: RDC: Let's get grammars working with Nuance
Date Mon, 13 Jun 2005 17:53:30 GMT
Hi Daniel.  That's a very enviable reason for being silent.

No problem.  The work you did earlier was already a big help, and  
Rahul sent me some grammars that let me pick up where you left off.   
This weekend I worked on getting digits and alpha tags working.   
We're soooo close at this point, and maybe you might know the last  
bit I'm stuck on.

Right now I have both digits and alpha working to the point where  
they recognize the input correctly.  The problem is that I'm not sure  
how to correctly set the semantic interpretation to the  
"compatibility" slot Rahul defined.  So the logs show the utterance  
was correctly identified and built up as a string like "1 5 9", and  
that "compatibility" was declared as a lot name.  But its value is  
null, so the RDC keeps thinking its a no-match.

Here's the grammar, for you or anybody else on the list who might  
know how to do this:

<rule id="numbers" scope="public">
         <ruleref uri="#gathernumbers"/>
           <tag> compatibility=$return </tag>

<rule id="gathernumbers">
     <item repeat="1-50">
         <item><ruleref uri="#digit"/>
         <tag>assign(a strcat($a strcat(" " $return)))</tag>
       <tag> return($a) </tag>

...and the #digit rule is the same as it was before.

The line "<tag> compatibility=$return </tag>" is where I'm stuck.  It  
produces a null value instead of setting the slot value to what the  
#gathernumbers rule returned.

Nuance is using a very old snapshot of the SRGS spec (looks like from  
2001 but I haven't been able to get confirmation), which uses this  
syntax.  We got it to work with the simple usState grammar, but it  
wasn't using a ruleref like this.

Any ideas anyone?


On Jun 13, 2005, at 11:45 AM, Daniel Spangler wrote:

> I apologize for the delayed response.  I was away on holiday when  
> this was sent...
> I no longer have availability to work on adding Nuance support to  
> the grammars.  I did show interest in the past, but I am swamped at  
> this point and don't have time to take it any further.  I helped  
> Rahul debug some of the first issues encountered while using RDC  
> with Nuance, so I am familiar with some of the issues involved if  
> whoever does this wants to send me questions.
> Sincerely,
> Daniel Spangler

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