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From Stu Robertson <srobert...@nvisia.com>
Subject Re: RDC: Issue with IBM Voice Toolkit 6 and RDCs
Date Tue, 21 Jun 2005 18:14:44 GMT
And that turned out to be exactly the problem :-)

I had moved the JSPs to their own subdir in my project, but failed to  
do the same for their configs.

My fault, but I'm going to look into changing the RDC logic so we  
give good errors when this happens.  This is the sort of thing our  
developers will undoubtedly do, and I'm going to be pestered with  
questions from others who make the same mistake I did.

Thanks Rahul,


On Jun 21, 2005, at 1:06 PM, Rahul P Akolkar wrote:

> Stu Robertson <srobertson@nvisia.com> wrote on 06/21/2005 01:03:46 PM:
> <snip/>
>> Focusing on the test jsps provided with the RDC disto, I'm finding
>> mixed results.  alpha-test, digit-test, ssn-test work fine. However
>> select1-test.jsp fails immediately with the following error (seen
>> from the Voice Server SystemOut.log):
>> [6/21/05 11:59:00:078 CDT] 2db4250d VXML          E   VoiceXML
>> document fatal error::01722173781177505@
>> Line  : 1
>> Column: 1
>> URI   : null
>> Msg   : Content is not allowed in prolog.
> <snap/>
>> Caused by: error.badfetch:com.ibm.vxi.intp.CatchEvent: http://
>> localhost:9080/WebappKickstart_Web/rdc-test/select1-test.jsp:VXML
> <snip/>
>> I've looked at the voiceXML produced and I can't see the problem.
>> I've also tried taking everything out of the top of the JSP before
>> the <vxml... declaration, added an <?xml... declaration, and done
>> other things I could think of.  No matter what I get the same issue.
>> Any ideas?
> A badfetch and a SAX exception make me wonder if the config file is
> located correctly. Thats the only thing fetched and parsed given the
> VoiceXML markup from a <rdc:select1>. Is this the test JSP from the
> distro?
> -Rahul

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