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From "Daniel Spangler" <daniel.spang...@fluencyvoice.com>
Subject RE: RDC: Let's get grammars working with Nuance
Date Mon, 13 Jun 2005 16:45:41 GMT
I apologize for the delayed response.  I was away on holiday when this was sent...
I no longer have availability to work on adding Nuance support to the grammars.  I did show
interest in the past, but I am swamped at this point and don't have time to take it any further.
 I helped Rahul debug some of the first issues encountered while using RDC with Nuance, so
I am familiar with some of the issues involved if whoever does this wants to send me questions.
Daniel Spangler


From: Rahul P Akolkar [mailto:akolkar@us.ibm.com]
Sent: Fri 6/3/2005 8:29 PM
To: Tag Libraries Developers List
Subject: Re: RDC: Let's get grammars working with Nuance

Stu - Replies below.

srobertson@nvisia.com (Stuart D. Robertson II) wrote on 06/03/2005
10:50:18 AM:

> Hello,
> I'm sending this to see if we can coordinate any efforts to get
> RDC  grammars working with both nuance and IBM's voice server.
> If the remaining bits are to simply go through
> the  grammars and make the changes, I'd like to help, if needed,
> to get the changes made.

Yes, those are the remaining bits, and thanks for offering to help. Help
is always welcome.

> Getting RDCs working with nuance would pave the road for
> a slick top-to-bottom tutorial for developers.  The free
> interpreter hosting (for development) site that I've found so far
> is at http://community.voxeo.com . If there are others, I'd love
> to know about them.

Agreed, such free hosting will potentially increase our dev base. Thanks
for the pointer. I'm not aware of any other sites that allow such hosting,
maybe we should ask on the w3 voice forum. There is [
http://sourceforge.net/projects/openvxi/ ] and [
http://jvoicexml.sourceforge.net/ ], but I haven't looked at either in any
detail to tell you what they're all about ;-)

> Is there more work to be done to get the grammar changes made
> and tested?  If so, would help be useful?  I'll have some time to
> work on this. But I'm not sure where to start, and certainly
> don't want to do things that others are already working on.

I think Daniel wanted to help [
http://marc.theaimsgroup.com/?l=taglibs-dev&m=111514547816399&w=2 ]. I'm
happy to chip in, if needed. I think when we hear back from Daniel, we
should divide the grammars and conquer this. We might then include those
in the distro, and pick up the appropriate grammar based on the locale

Daniel, are you there? :-)


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