From:   Mitch Warner 
Sent:   17 May 2005 17:23
To:     'Tag Libraries Developers List'
Subject:        RDC Submittal: Color Picker RDC

I have created a color picker RDC that I would like to submit to the Jakarta Taglib project. This is a very simple component which I created whilst learning how to produce my own RDCs; however it may be found useful by the wider community.

I am having difficulties posting the source files to this list due to size and attachment restrictions; therefore if you want the source for this component, please mail me directly. The intention is that eventually Rahul Akolkar will merge these files into the Taglib CVS module.

0) Description

Component that allows a color to be specified by a user.

1) List of new files ( -> and descriptions)

/jakarta-taglibs-sandbox/rdc/src/META-INF/tags/rdc/color.tag    -> Tag implementation for the component.
/jakarta-taglibs-sandbox/rdc/src/META-INF/tags/rdc/color.rdc    -> rdc configuration and parameter data.
/jakarta-taglibs-sandbox/rdc/src/META-INF/tags/rdc/config/color.xml     -> configuration data for the component
/jakarta-taglibs-sandbox/rdc/src/org/apache/taglibs/rdc/Color.java      -> private data model for the component
/jakarta-taglibs-sandbox/rdc/src/.grammar/color.grxml   -> SRGF grammar for use with the component, containing all allowable colors.

/jakarta-taglibs-sandbox/rdc/examples/web/color-test.jsp                -> Example file for testing the component

2) List of modified files

/jakarta-taglibs-sandbox/rdc/xml/rdc.xml        ->      Included description of the new component.

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