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From "Vianen, Jeroen van" <jeroen.van.via...@satama.com>
Subject RE: New version of Mailer tag
Date Tue, 10 May 2005 06:56:04 GMT
Hi Pete, 

> -----Original Message-----
> From: pete.storey@kisstechnologies.co.uk
> Sent: maandag 9 mei 2005 20:02
> To: Tag Libraries Developers List
> Subject: RE: New version of Mailer tag
> Ah ha yes this will do it though it's a slight prob for us (and probably
> others) in that it isn't backwards compatible with the mailer v1 tag so
you can't just plop it into your current implementations (and we have a lot
already existing).  Also can't run on Tomcat 4.x which again we (and others)
use a lot.

I deliberately broke backwards compatibility to make it easier to implement
the HTML / plain text parts and the signing and encrypting of e-mails.

> One random thought looking at it - why are the attachments a
multipart/related part of another part?  Doesn't this mean you don't see
them if you have a text only (but mime compliant) browser?  I would have
thought it would be better to have say a "related" tag which puts in
multipart/related things such as images for an HTML email, which returns a
CID, and then a seperate generic attach tag to do normal attachments in a
multipart/mixed format?

The normal way would be (I guess) to have either the following:

<mt:mail type="multipart/alternative">
	<mt:part type="text/plain">...</mt:part>
	<mt:part type="text/html">...
		<mt:attach />

Where the attachments are only relevant for the HTML version of the message
(and therefore multipart/related).

Or the following:

<mt:mail type="text/html">

Where you have a plain text mail with attachments (multipart/mixed).



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