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From Stu Robertson <srobert...@nvisia.com>
Subject Progress on RDC grammars being compatible with nuance?
Date Sat, 28 May 2005 03:34:35 GMT
I've followed the threads on this, and it sounds like folks have  
zeroed in on the issue and know how to make grammars compatible.

Has anyone done the work yet of converting the grammars, or maybe  
some of them?  If there's more to be done, can we maybe divide up the  
work and get these in place?

I've just started using the voxeo community developer site, which is  
a very slick way to test voicexml apps.  But it looks like the  
grammar compiler is nuance's, so I've run exactly into the symptoms  
Steve Hodson first described.

Rahul, you mentioned in an earlier post on these threads that you  
didn't have access to nuance-based interpreters.  You can get access  
to one for free at http://community.voxeo.com (no affiliation with  
me).  It's brilliantly simple.  To create an app you give the app a  
logical name, and an http app entry point.  For my case, I pointed it  
to the public IP of my home development box, and setup port  
forwarding (I'm behind NAT) to route to tomcat/websphere.  You can  
then use any SIP phone (I used http://www.sjlabs.com/sjp.html) to  
test.  It works really well, and should let you test any grammars  
that get submitted.

Anyway, in my mind this was the missing piece for a free development  
environment.  http://eclipse.org/vtp/ provides simple editors for  
grammar and voicexml files, and RDCs make it so you don't really need  
gui call flow builders.

It'd be awfully nice if RDCs could work with nuance.  As you say,  
RDCs' grammars adhere to the spec, and the problem may be with  
nuance.  But it sounds like the grammars can be nuance-compatible and  
spec compliant.  This sounds like a key step for wider RDC adoption.


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