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From "Mitch Warner" <mitch.war...@fluencyvoice.com>
Subject RE: RDC Submittal: Color Picker RDC - Source files part 1
Date Wed, 18 May 2005 09:09:48 GMT
Further to the previous mail, I have been asked  to submit the source
files to this list - because of the size restrictions imposed on this
mailing list mentioned earlier, I will have to split this into multiple
emails (hopefully only two). This is the first mail, with the first set
of files attached.

 <<color.tag>>  <<color.rdc>>  <<color.xml>> 

> _____________________________________________ 
> From: 	Mitch Warner  
> Sent:	17 May 2005 17:23
> To:	'Tag Libraries Developers List'
> Subject:	RDC Submittal: Color Picker RDC
> I have created a color picker RDC that I would like to submit to the
> Jakarta Taglib project. This is a very simple component which I
> created whilst learning how to produce my own RDCs; however it may be
> found useful by the wider community.
> I am having difficulties posting the source files to this list due to
> size and attachment restrictions; therefore if you want the source for
> this component, please mail me directly. The intention is that
> eventually Rahul Akolkar will merge these files into the Taglib CVS
> module.
> 0) Description
> Component that allows a color to be specified by a user. 
> 1) List of new files ( -> and descriptions)
> /jakarta-taglibs-sandbox/rdc/src/META-INF/tags/rdc/color.tag	-> Tag
> implementation for the component.
> /jakarta-taglibs-sandbox/rdc/src/META-INF/tags/rdc/color.rdc	-> rdc
> configuration and parameter data.
> /jakarta-taglibs-sandbox/rdc/src/META-INF/tags/rdc/config/color.xml
> -> configuration data for the component
> /jakarta-taglibs-sandbox/rdc/src/org/apache/taglibs/rdc/Color.java
> -> private data model for the component
> /jakarta-taglibs-sandbox/rdc/src/.grammar/color.grxml	-> SRGF grammar
> for use with the component, containing all allowable colors.
> /jakarta-taglibs-sandbox/rdc/examples/web/color-test.jsp
> -> Example file for testing the component
> 2) List of modified files
> /jakarta-taglibs-sandbox/rdc/xml/rdc.xml	->	Included
> description of the new component.

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