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From Rahul P Akolkar <akol...@us.ibm.com>
Subject Re: RDC: grammar tags in the state component
Date Tue, 22 Feb 2005 21:25:16 GMT

RDCs support initialization, meaning the JSP author may define an initial 
(or default) value for an RDC instance via its initial attribute like so:

<rdc:date id="myDate" minDate="01012000" maxDate="01012010" 
initial="01012005" />
<rdc:usState id="myState" initial="NY" config="myStatePrompts.xml" />

The embedded grammar is used to define the utterances that will be used to 
allow the user to refer to this value. The name of the root grammar rule 
is "Initial" prepended by the ID of the RDC instance (for better 
traceability). I'll refer to this grammar as the "initial grammar" in the 
rest of this email.

Now, to the other questions:

1) Can this grammar be configured? 
Now that you've mentioned it, it seems like a good idea to be able to do 
that. One way to do that might be to provide a suitably named attribute 
that points to the initial grammar for each RDC instance (and uses a 
default one if no such grammar is provided).

Some related questions that come to mind are:
a) How will configuring the initial grammar per RDC instance affect the 
usability of the application? Before, we had a consistent Voice User 
Interface (VUI) for refering to the initial values.
b) If we point to a "bad" initial grammar, the rendered VoiceXML page will 

What do you think?

2) Can it be turned off?
If you download the latest nightly distribution (one after 2/6), you will 
notice that the initial grammar is produced only if:
a) The RDC has an initial attribute specified
b) The initial value thus specified does not violate the rest of the 
constraints [for example, an initial value of "01012050" will not be 
accepted in the above date instance since it violates the maxDate 

This process of deciding whether to render the initial grammar, to me, 
seems sufficient. Can you think of a scenario where this isn't sufficient?


-- Daniel wrote: --

When the VXML is rendered for the US State component, two grammar tags are 
added.  The second is a static reference to a grxml file, and the first is 
an embedded grammar with a rule named "ourStateInitial".  I'm curious as 
to what the purpose of the embedded grammar is and whether the user of the 
component has any control over it (i.e. can it be configured or turned 
Thanks in advance,
Daniel Spangler

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