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From "Mitch Warner" <mitch.war...@fluencyvoice.com>
Subject RE: RDC: grammar tags in the state component
Date Thu, 24 Feb 2005 15:06:35 GMT
We have tried just allowing developers the ability to define phrase
lists in the past. Out experience is that this works OK for very simple
applications; however when you get into more advanced systems, this was
deemed insufficient. For example it does not allow the developer to use
any of the following:

-- optional phrases
-- garbage word handling
-- repetition

Based on our experience, I would strongly urge you to consider allowing
the developer to define their own grammar file for the initial grammar. 

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From: Rahul P Akolkar [mailto:akolkar@us.ibm.com] 
Sent: 24 February 2005 14:42
To: taglibs-dev@jakarta.apache.org
Subject: RE: RDC: grammar tags in the state component

Let me summarize this thread so far to see what the loose ends are, so
we can close on this.

As the last couple of emails mention, the initial value can be used to
augment a generic RDC to provide a personalized VUI, for example, one

<rdc:usState  id="homeState"  initial="${userBean.homeState}" 
initialGrammar="my home state,the state where I live" />


<rdc:percent  id="downPayment" 
initial="${userBean.mortgageType.minimumDP}"  initialGrammar="minimum
down payment" />

Loose ends:
1) It seems sufficient to allow the JSP author to specify the utterances
for the initial grammar. This may be done as above, having an attribute
that takes either a delimited (comma, in above examples) string or a
collection of strings. Indeed, this is true because the semantic
interpretation of all these utterances from the component's perspective
is identical, and hence will be best autogen'ed.
2) What should this tag attribute be called? I used initialGrammar above
for illustration, what attribute name makes most sense? Suggestions?

This issue is orthogonal to i18n, and maybe my earlier email didn't
clarify I thought that way. We will be going ahead with i18n in
parallel, since we have a couple of good volunteers for translation, and
we will need to do i18n for the RDC taglib anyway.


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