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From Felipe Leme <jakartalis...@felipeal.net>
Subject RE: Memory Leak in ELEvaluator (cont'd...)
Date Mon, 21 Feb 2005 01:14:21 GMT
On Fri, 2005-02-18 at 19:35, Daryl Beattie wrote:
> 	It is not used anymore? I thought the JSTL expression language
> and the JSP expression language were two different languages; 

They're basically the same, except by a few differences (for instance,
JSP 2.0's EL has functions; JSTL 1.0's doesn't).

> if so, how could the JSTL delegate evaluation to the JSP?

On JSP 2.0, the EL is evaluated by the JSP container, not the tag
handlers. So, if the error still exists on JSTL 1.1, it should be fixed
on the web server (for instance, on Jakarta Commons EL in the case of
Tomcat-based servers).

> 	No, I have not tried with JSTL 1.1; we are still using my hacked
> version of 1.0.6. Is a migration to 1.1 a big change? Where can I get a
> changelog for the JSTL to help in my estimation of how much work this
> would be?

There are 2 majors changes you need to do in order to migrate:
- use a JSP 2.0 compatible web container (like Tomcat 5.x)
- change the URL for the taglibs (for instance,
http://java.sun.com/jsp/jstl/core instead of

> like this; <c:if test="${whatever}">...</c:if>. The specific test I used
> to measure the leak was with our proprietary code that I cannot provide
> to people outside the company I work for (sorry...). I can retest any

What about creating a similar test case, with generic code (not
proprietary to your company)?

-- Felipe

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