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From Abey Mullassery <a...@mullassery.com>
Subject Re: [VOTE] Wiki for Taglibs?
Date Wed, 29 Sep 2004 04:07:27 GMT

[X] +1 I want my Taglibs Wiki!
[ ]  0 I am neutral on a Taglibs wiki
[ ] -1 No Wiki for Taglibs!

Yeah, we can put up a FAQ before the questions are asked frequently :) 
It would be great if we also had a place (server with JSP support) to 
put up the working (dynamic) examples of the taglibs.

Abey Mullassery

PS. I plan to put up atleast an applet (static) if JSP support cannot be 
made available. For eg. http://www.mullassery.com/software/PMIW/ (but it 
needs Java 1.2!)

Kris Schneider wrote:
> Right, we'll make that the first FAQ: How should I answer a FAQ? ;-)
> [ ] +1 I want my Taglibs Wiki!
> [ ]  0 I am neutral on a Taglibs wiki
> [ ] -1 No Wiki for Taglibs!
> Quoting Martin Cooper <mfncooper@gmail.com>:
>>If you want to make this thread the vote thread, then you should
>>prefix the subject with [VOTE] so that people know there's a vote
>>going on, rather than just a discussion thread.
>>I am neutral on a Taglibs wiki, simply because there isn't all that
>>much traffic on the lists, so I'm not sure how much it would be used.
>>On the other hand, I do see that we could put a FAQ there, so I'd be
>>supportive it if people promise to answer questions with just links to
>>the FAQ instead of repeating the solutions. ;-)
>>Martin Cooper
>>On Tue, 28 Sep 2004 11:43:09 -0400, Kris Schneider <kris@dotech.com> wrote:
>>>If I'm grokking the Apache Wiki structure properly, Taglibs isn't included.
>>>seems like it would be a helpful resource to have available, so I found
>>this at
>>>If your request is for a new subwiki to be set up, take these steps:
>>>  1. discuss the plan with the appropriate development teams and gain
>>>  2. make sure the appropriate Project Management Committee (PMC) wants to
>>>the wiki set up and assume responsibility over it.
>>>  3. only after #1 and #2 are done, send an e-mail.
>>>So I guess this note qualifies as the start of #1. I'll jump right in and
>>>for a vote, but additional discussion is certainly welcome (especially if
>>>being clueless about how to get this thing set up).
>>>[ ] +1 I want my Taglibs Wiki!
>>>[ ] -1 No Wiki for Taglibs!
>>>My vote's a +1.
>>>Kris Schneider <mailto:kris@dotech.com>
>>>D.O.Tech       <http://www.dotech.com/>

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