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From Michael McGrady <m...@michaelmcgrady.com>
Subject Re: Using Image Taglib when J2EE application is inside (an unpacked) war file.
Date Fri, 04 Jun 2004 14:01:51 GMT
Perhaps reading to send to the response output stream with something "like" 
InputStream fis = MyApp.class.getResourceAsStream("image.jpeg"); would make 
sense?  Maybe the gen-image file should be inside WEB-INF?  I modify the 
tag to do this myself anyway.  I never allow resources outside WEB-INF.


At 06:26 AM 6/4/2004, Michael McGrady wrote:
>Wouldn't it be better to have a universal solution that read the URI 
>internally?  This is a pretty serious complication of the tag interface 
>when the solution should not matter at all to the page designer.  This is, 
>in my opinion, contrary to the MVC pattern.
>At 04:55 AM 6/4/2004, Matti Härö wrote:
>> > To make this option work we need attributes to specify that it is an
>> > absolute folder and the prefix to be used for creating the image urls
>> > for the image tag.
>> >
>> > Do you think it is better to have a separate tag to do this than to
>> > overload the existing image tag?
>>We could have "absolute" attribute, that would specify that the dir 
>>specified is
>>an absolute path. Default for this attribute would be "false". Then there 
>>be a corresponding "url-prefix" attribute for accessing the image. Even 
>>if this
>>solution brings more complexity in the existing Image tag, I think it is 
>>than having a disting tag. After all, from the tag user point of view, it is
>>still the same thing. Just the created image is stored in a different 
>>Having the possibility to store the images outside of the application context
>>sounds a little bit scaring. But, the coin also has another side:
>>Having the possibility to refer the image with an absolute URL makes it 
>>for us to use a distinct, hardware-based image cache server for heavily 
>>systems. Image Taglib would store the created image in a remote disk mounted
>>into the application server directory. The created image url might point
>>directly in the image cache server. In an environments like this, the image
>>cache server is often located near the ISP for best bandwidths.
>>-Matti Härö
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