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From Abey Mullassery <a...@mullassery.com>
Subject [Image] New Button Tag and Text Tag with HTML rendering capability
Date Thu, 17 Jun 2004 17:50:59 GMT

I thought of writing a tag to create Buttons because a lot of people 
require this functionality (to create text buttons in different 
languages) and I keep on explaining how to do it with a combination of 
the basic image tags. I did not add this tag to the Image Taglib because 
I thought it was best if the lib just had a set of basic operations 
leaving the more complex transformations that are just a combination of 
these basic ones to the user (or maybe maintain it outside separately 
for those who need it). However since a lot of people had been asking 
for it, I am thinking of adding a button tag too. Later we could remove 
it if we feel that it does not belong here.

The button tag is basically the "text" (text overlay) tag and the crop 
tag combined. But the boundaries may have to be calculated based on the 
width of the text printed. I also thought that it was time to upgrade 
the Text tag to support multilined text. The text overlay is the first 
operation for the button tag. Ideally it required some more formatting 
options than just specifying a font and color. Thats why I thought it 
was best to add HTML rendering capability to the Text and Button Tags.

See an example here 
The HTML (poem) is overlaid on the image. This was rendered on the image 
using the classes in the JDK.

The text tag with HTML rendering capability can also take a URL and 
render a "screenshot" of the page as an image.

I wanted to know your opinion about this feature and the best HTML 
rendering package to use for it. 
Also is the button tag required in the taglib?


Abey Mullassery

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