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From Felipe Leme <jakartalis...@felipeal.net>
Subject RE: Updated JSP 2.0 mailer taglib
Date Tue, 18 May 2004 00:24:32 GMT

On Mon, 2004-05-17 at 17:04, Vianen, Jeroen van wrote:

> If so, I have provided a script that will automatically convert a JSP 2.0
> taglib to a 1.2 version. Basically, it works as follows:

Your script may work for a one-time conversion of an existing taglib
into automatic EL/JSP 2.0 support. That's great, but I think it doesn't
solve the long term issue of maintaining these tags. 

So, my approach is a little bit different: we should use a class
hierarchy where the core business of a tag (roughly speaking, its
doXXXTag methods) is kept in one class and the setters in sub-classes
(then we would have a RT sub-class for JSP 2.0 and a EL sub-class for
JSP 1.2). 

At first glance, that solution seems to be even worse than the original
problem, as now we would have additional classes for each tag handler.
So, we need some sort of tool to fill this gap, and that tool would be

I know some guys in the list (don't remember whose) already mentioned
they didn't like the idea of using XDoclet in the project, but I think
it can be very handful if we do the right design. Actually, I'm writing
an article about this proposal and I'm almost at the point where I have
a POC ready - once I got it, I could send it to the list.

Anyway, it's great to have more people and taglibs in the project. If we
'modernize' the project by adding EL support, releasing fresh versions
of the taglibs (most of them has been stalled since 2002) and changing
the website's look'n'feel, I'm sure the project can recover that
momentum it once had.



PS: I have no objection to the current website look'n'feel, but if we
are revitalizing the project, it's a good idea to revitalize the site
too (maybe 'mavenizing' it). After all, that's the project's welcome

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