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From "Vianen, Jeroen van" <jeroen.van.via...@satama.com>
Subject New JSP 2.0 mailer taglib
Date Wed, 21 Apr 2004 10:24:51 GMT

I did a complete rewrite of the mailer taglib 1.1 to make it a JSP 2.0
mailer taglib. It can be found at http://www.vanvianen.nl/mailer2/

- Send simple plain text e-mails
- Attach local (file) or external (url) attachments to a message
- Create HTML formatted messages
- Create multipart/alternative HTML and plain text messages
- Save messages in a scope for later use
- Send messages in a background thread for better response times, or
  to get better feedback
- Use JSTL 1.1 EL throughout
- PLAIN or LOGIN SMTP authentication
- Configure server, port, username and password from your web.xml

Why a new taglib?
- JSP 2.0 and JSTL 1.1 allow a more flexible way of configuring and using a
- Create a mailer taglib with JSTL and EL in mind
- No need to use custom EL Evaluators that are unnecessary in a JSP 2.0
- Some features are missing from the 1.1 version: multipart mail, background
or foreground sending of mail, better tag lifecycle management, saving
messages, configuration.

- JDK 1.4
- JSP 2.0 container, like Tomcat 5.x or Resin 3.x
- mail.jar and activation.jar from a J2EE 1.4 distribution

How to deploy the examples:
- Unzip the attachment
- Copy build.properties.sample to build.properties
- Update build.properties and set the location of the required jar files
- ant all
- Deploy mailer2.war in your favorite JSP 2.0 container.

The example JSPs and Javadoc should give a good overview of what is possible
and how the library can be used.

Please have a look and let me know what you think of it, especially what
aditional features you would like to see and what bugs you encounter. I
would like it to become the new JSP 2.0 version of the mailer taglib and
therefore become a part of the taglib sandbox.

Of course, this taglib is still considered beta.

Regards and have fun,


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