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From Justyna Horwat <Justyna.Hor...@Sun.COM>
Subject Re: Need Help to update a supporting jar file
Date Thu, 29 Apr 2004 23:58:17 GMT

The build.properties.sample usually has suggestions on common places 
where people install various projects and files. These are suggestions 
and many people modify the properties based on their configurations.

I looked at the sandbox project and found the following:

- build.properties.sample has the pmiw.jar property defined as:


- a copy of pmiw.jar is located in jakarta-taglibs-sandbox/image/lib
- jakarta-taglibs-sandbox/image/build.xml has the following defined:

    <property name="pmiw.jar" value="${lib}/pmiw.jar"/>

With ant, properties are immutable meaning that once a property is set 
it stays set. So if you have a build.properties file that sets the 
property to point to ../pmiw-1.0b/pmiw.jar then that setting will be 
used. If it isn't set then the pmiw.jar located in image/lib will be 
used since it's defined in the build.xml file.

If you'd like the default behavior to be to use the bundled pmiw.jar you 
should change the build.properties.sample file to something like this 
and update the jar file:

# The Image Taglib requires pmiw.jar (Poor Man's Imaging Wrapper)
# Its distributed under the Apache License.
# http://www.mullassery.com/software/PMIW.
# Uncomment and modify the following if you would like to use your own 
version of pmiw.jar:


Abey Mullassery wrote:

>Need some help to sort out where to put the binary supporting pmiw jar. Since I did not
do it last time I do not know whether to ftp it or to add it to CVS.
>The current build.properties.sample reads...
>but I could not find the pmiw-1.0b directory. I am also not sure if I have access to the
parent folder of jakarta-taglibs-sandbox. I could add it to the cvs and change the build.properties.sample
but I think we prefer not to add it to the cvs. 
>The latest pmiw.jar is available at
>I cannot check in any of the latest changes since it will break the build without the
updated pmiw.jar file. Hence I need help to resolve this. 
>Abey Mullassery
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