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From Martin Cooper <mart...@apache.org>
Subject Struts and Taglibs (was Re: LDAP Tag lib)
Date Sun, 08 Feb 2004 19:24:51 GMT
On Sun, 8 Feb 2004, Mark R. Diggory wrote:


> Taglib's is not a extremely active area at Apache at this time. More
> focus tends to go into the standard taglibrary than the other taglib
> projects. As well, there is a separation between the taglibrary
> development actually going on in Struts and Taglibs groups that should
> probably be addressed at some point, as it is producing separate yet
> comparable taglibraries in the long run. My opinion is that Struts
> efforts should be used to "revitalize" taglibraries and that any
> taglibraries produced by struts should actually reside in the
> taglibraries project (gulp, incoming!).

Just FYI, the majority of the effort being put into the Struts taglibs
these days is focussed on those taglibs that are tied to Struts, such as
the HTML and Tiles tags. Most of the committers are not interested in
spending their time on the more general taglibs, such as Bean and Logic,
because the functionality of those taglibs has been subsumed by JSTL.
We're encouraging people to move to JSTL where they can, rather than
relying on Struts "properietary" taglibs.

Martin Cooper

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