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From Henri Yandell <bay...@generationjava.com>
Subject Re: Proposal for File taglibrary
Date Sat, 08 Nov 2003 18:49:07 GMT

http://www.xephyrus.com/taglib-files/ is an existing taglib within this
area. While it's not hosted at Apache, the licence is BSD-equivalent to
the eye.

I'd be interested in seeing whether the functionalities of this taglib
interact, replace or clash with this taglib.


On Sat, 8 Nov 2003, Martin van Dijken wrote:

> The proposal email I sent before but now according to jakarta guidelines.
> I. Motivation.
> The taglibrary we're proposing has one significant usage. It allows the
> Jsp author to use the file system as a dynamic menu. The tags allow the
> author to create listings of directories and show attributes and content
> of files.
> II. Overview.
> The taglib currently features a few things:
> 1. Navigation through the file system.
> There are essentially three tags that make this possible:
> 1.1 The file tag
> Displays info of a file. Initially is set to the current JSP file, but
> can also point to another file using the name attribute.
> 1.2 The parent tag
> Displays info of the parent directory of the current file.
> 1.3 The dir:loop tag
> Loops files in the current directory. The dirLoop tag accepts 3
> attributes. reverse means to sort the results in reverse order. start is
> from what item to start the loop. max is the maximum number of items to
> display.
> 1.4 The dir:index tag
> Opens the index file in the current directory. An index file is a file
> that is named index.jsp,htm or html. Haven't been able yet to find a way
> to read the web.xml's welcome-file-list from code.
> <file:file><!-- Opens the current JSP file -->
>    <file:parent><!-- Opens the parent of the opened file -->
>      <dir:index>
>        <!-- Use tags to display info of the index file -->
>      </dir:index>
>      <dir:loop><!-- Loops all items in the current directory -->
>        <!-- Use tags to display info of the current file -->
>      </dir:loop>
>    </file:parent>
> </file:file>
> 2. Filtering based on file attributes
> There are a number of tags that can be used to filter out results. It is
> on the agenda to add some of these to the dirloop tag so start and max
> work better. Currently the following boolean-tags exist:
> <dir:isDirectory></dir:isDirectory>
> <file:isHidden></file:isHidden>
> <file:canRead></file:canRead>
> <file:canWrite></file:canWrite>
> <file:isType type="html,htm,xml,xhtml"></file:isType>
> 3. Displaying content/attributes
> The following tags display information about the opened file:
> <file:name/>
> Displays file name with/without extension
> <file:type/>
> Displays extension
> <file:url/>
> Creates a full or relative url to the current file
> <file:length/>
> Displays the file length
> <html:meta name=""/>
> Displays content of a meta tag
> <html:tag name="">
> Displays the contents of the first instance of a certain html tag
> <dir:hasIndex></dir:hasIndex>
> Displays body if the current dir has an index file
> III. Requirements
> This taglibrary works guaranteed in JDK's 1.3 and 1.4 and in JSP 1.1 and
> 1.2. Where we'd like to go with this, is make it use the JSTL language
> and therefore it will be dependant on JSTL presence.
> IIII. Commitment
> We, Martin van Dijken and Martin Reurings, will do all the work on this
> taglib for now. Other committers are of course welcome. Currently we're
> both unemployed and have tons of time. When that situation is fixed
> however this will be a project we'll most likely maintain in our own
> time. (unless of course our next employers want to use it)
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