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From "Mark R. Diggory" <mdigg...@latte.harvard.edu>
Subject Re: CVS commit messages? was (Re: Dual Taglibs...)
Date Tue, 30 Sep 2003 17:28:06 GMT

Craig R. McClanahan wrote:
> Pierre Delisle wrote:
>> Mark R. Diggory wrote:
>>> On the Commons project, commit notices are forwarded to the 
>>> developers list, I find this very benificial there when tracking 
>>> activity on our little [math] sandbox project, are there any 
>>> yay/nay's about doing this on the taglibs project?
>> For taglibs, cvs notifications are sent to 
>> jakarta-taglibs-cvs@apache.org.
>> Personally, I prefer this as CVS notifications can generate a lot
>> of uninteresting traffic.
>> I however just checked the mailing lists page it says the following:
>> The Taglibs Developer List
>> Medium Traffic Subscribe Unsubscribe Guidelines Archive
>> Developers of custom tag libraries gather here to discuss issues, plan 
>> code changes, and accept offers of new custom tag libraries to be 
>> contributed. Subscribers to this list will also get notices of every 
>> CVS checkin of new or changed code modules.
>> I'd see the following two options:
>> 1. Keep cvs notifications to jakarta-taglibs-cvs and update the 
>> mailing list page
>>   with jakarta-taglibs-cvs
>> 2. Move cvs notifications to taglibs-dev.
>> My vote is for 1.
>>    -- Pierre
> I'm not an active committer on Taglibs, but all the Jakarta projects 
> I've been involved in use option 2 (indirectly -- it's automatically 
> redirected in the mailing list setups), and I much prefer it.  Part of 
> that is philosophical (developers who aren't interested in seeing what 
> is actually changing are not as likely to take part in contributing), 
> part of it is responsibility (developers *should* be reviewing *all* 
> changes to the code base), and part of it is the ability to filter the 
> CVS commits into a separate folder if I really want to :-).
> Craig

The struggle I have with this is the following:

1.) Yes all developers should be reviewing the commit logs, email is 
great in accomplishing this.

2.) Dumping commits into the developer list possibly makes searching 
them more difficult in terms of matching discussions and not commit 
events. By separating the lists, this issue is managed at the list level 
(not the user level). Of course if the commit and NoReply events were 
not archived even though they were sent out on the list, this would 
easily solve such a problem.

3.) IMHO, Archiving commit events isn't of much benefit, one usually 
would check the cvs log directly.

My opinion is not that strong on all of this, whatever "The Management" 
recommends or requests is fine with me too.


Mark Diggory
Software Developer
Harvard MIT Data Center

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