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From Pierre Delisle <pierre.deli...@sun.com>
Subject Re: [PROPOSAL] WebDAV tag library
Date Thu, 27 Feb 2003 23:16:12 GMT
Hi Willie,

Thanks for the proposal. Looks good.

A few questions:

 > The solution is having a web-based WebDAV client.  Administration can be
 > centralized. In addition, regardless of what tools users edit their work,
 > they can always publish with the web-based client.  To attain the advantages
 > this solution brings to us, we need an easy-to-use library that hides the
 > details of communication with WebDAV server.

While I'd see the benefits of having a web-based WebDAV client,
it is not clear to me that you'd want that functionality to be included
in the JSP page. Wouldn't it bring too much complexity in the
JSP page?

More specifically, would you have some simple real-world
scenarios/examples that showcase the usefulness of these
tags in a JSP page.
[The goal here is to make people more knowledgeable of the
capabilities of the taglib and raise interest. Allow the community
to understand how it could make good use of these tags.]

Also, do you already have an implementation of it? If so,
in which context was it developed?

How easy would it be for you to find a replacement should you
lose interest in maintaining the taglib at jakarta-taglibs
in the future?


     -- Pierre

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