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From bay...@apache.org
Subject cvs commit: jakarta-taglibs/string/xml string.xml
Date Fri, 21 Feb 2003 03:22:45 GMT
bayard      2003/02/20 19:22:45

  Modified:    string/xml string.xml
  Documentation for 1.0.1
  Revision  Changes    Path
  1.25      +35 -7     jakarta-taglibs/string/xml/string.xml
  Index: string.xml
  RCS file: /home/cvs/jakarta-taglibs/string/xml/string.xml,v
  retrieving revision 1.24
  retrieving revision 1.25
  diff -u -r1.24 -r1.25
  --- string.xml	13 Nov 2002 07:40:31 -0000	1.24
  +++ string.xml	21 Feb 2003 03:22:45 -0000	1.25
  @@ -22,16 +22,16 @@
     <!-- The following elements are from the JSP 1.2 TLD DTD -->
  -  <!-- Version number of this tagib -->
  -  <tlib-version>1.0</tlib-version>
  +  <!-- Version number of this taglib -->
  +  <tlib-version>1.0.1</tlib-version>
     <!-- Minimum version of JSP spec required -->
     <!-- jakarta-taglib name of this tag library -->
     <!-- URI of taglib -->
  -  <uri>http://jakarta.apache.org/taglibs/string-1.0</uri>
  +  <uri>http://jakarta.apache.org/taglibs/string-1.0.1</uri>
     <!-- The name to use in titles, etc. for the taglib -->
  -  <display-name>String Tag library (Development)</display-name>
  +  <display-name>String Tag library</display-name>
       The String taglibrary provides a host of tags for manipulating 
  @@ -1642,7 +1642,7 @@
                 Token to use instead of a newline to get around JSP pain.
                 Default is to ignore this functionality.
  -          <availability>1.1</availability>
  +          <availability>1.0.1</availability>
  @@ -1653,7 +1653,7 @@
                 Token to use instead of a carriage return to get around JSP pain.
                 Default is to ignore this functionality.
  -          <availability>1.1</availability>
  +          <availability>1.0.1</availability>
  @@ -1670,6 +1670,14 @@
   Some more to test. And insert Br's into.
  +_or_ with 1.0.1:
  +<str:replace replace="NL" with="&lt;br&gt;NL" newlineToken="NL">
  +A sentence.
  +Another sentence.
  +Some more to test. And insert Br's into.
  @@ -1982,12 +1990,32 @@
  +<revision release="1.0.1" date="2003/02/20"> 
  +  <description>
  +    Bug-fixing release. Most notably, it does <b>not</b> have the EL functionality
that is available in the CVS HEAD.
  +  </description>
  +<section name="Bugfixes">
  +    <item> Made a fix to bug # 15321 that stops WordWrap falling over with an ArrayOutOfBoundsException
when a newline falls in a particular place.  </item>
  +	<item> Added in a carriageToken to the str:replace tag. </item>
  +	<item> Added in an attribute, newlineToken, to str:replace to allow newlines to
be handled nicely. </item>
  +	<item> Removed copyright to William Brogden of Metaphone.java which I'd dimwittingly
left there. I have permission of the author in doing so.  </item>
  +	<item> Removed the unnecessary initAttributes from inside the startTag method for
all tags. This was stopping String tags from working inside loops when the container decided
to cache the tag. </item>
  +	<item> Fixed example string.jsp for truncateNicely as it has the wrong expected
value. </item>
  +	<item> Implemented the switch to using "taglibs-" as a prefix for jar and tld files
for taglibs.</item>
   <revision release="1.0" date="2002/10/07"> 
       Initial release of the String Taglib, to give users a stable released version to work
   <section name="New features added since initial release">
  -<item>Changed implementation of random() to use the same Randome instance 
  +<item>Changed implementation of random() to use the same Random instance 
   across calls. This stops the same value coming out if called in the same 

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