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From "Dan Shields" <dan...@shields.org>
Subject Re: [PROPOSAL] WebDAV tag library
Date Fri, 28 Feb 2003 04:32:00 GMT
Hi Willie & Pierre,

Great proposal Willie, I agree with it wholeheartedly.  I also enjoyed
Pierre's questions, which inspired me to throw in some of my own personal

I visited the potential use-cases (or lack thereof) for a WebDAV taglib,
recently, through the development of my own tag library extension, one that
spoke the CVS protocol to a remote CVS server.  The problem with this idea
was much the same, that is: adding CVS protocol to a JSP page would bring
much potential complexity, and how could I showcase the usefulness of this
feature?  Most of concern: where would the files be written and read from
for operations such as checkout, update, status, etc.?   What would be the
use?   It's difficult to fathom, on it's own...

However, I think it would be real nice if I could perform a checkout
operation from a CVS repository and have the result written directly to a
web-accessible workspace without requiring intermediate storage.

I observe that both a CVS taglib and a WebDAV taglib, considered alone,
suffer from a common challenge:  they move data around that strains at the
confines of simple EL variables.

Let it be resolved that:
I want my tag libraries to talk directly to the public interfaces of other
tag libraries with which I seek to exchange datasets.

This technique is already present in core, io, standard, and xtags, using a
commonsense public interface approach, but I think that the sandbox could
benefit from seeing more of this in linking together focussed sub-projects.

My projects will soon reside in the taglib sandbox as actively maintained
sub-projects, once the architecture is solidified.  What do you say?

Dan Shields

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