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From Timothy Kettering <tims...@mac.com>
Subject Re: strange taglib behavior
Date Fri, 17 Jan 2003 20:29:53 GMT

Nevermind.  It seems to have unstuck itself.  I think Resin wasn't 
clearing the old work files properly or something got stuck in a older 
version.  *shrug*.  Its fine now.  Thanks anyway.


On Friday, January 17, 2003, at 03:04 PM, Timothy Kettering wrote:

> I've been stumped by this all morning, and I'm hoping that some of you 
> could shed insight on how i can further debug this.
> I have a custom tag lib that I built to iterate and process a List of 
> objects.  In the end, it sends everything to the out object.  I wrote 
> an earlier instance that handled a different List and it worked 
> perfectly, then I wrote this one, and nothing's appearing on the page 
> at all.
> I went back and started putting in system.out.printlns to see where it 
> died.  apparently doEndTag() is never called.  I looked around online 
> and saw lots of discussion about doEndTag never being reached if an 
> exception was thrown.  So I implemented TryCatchFinally and put debug 
> statements in both the doCatch() and doFinally() methods to see if it 
> was getting there.  Nothing.
> I've checked all my logs.  Nothing in there to indicate any type of 
> error occured during processing.  The tag does sucessfully iterate 
> though doAfterBody() decision (whether to EVAL_BODY_AGAIN or 
> SKIP_BODY), and right before the SKIP_BODY is is returned, it fires 
> off one last System.out.println() and then it just tumbles off in the 
> void, never to be seen again.
> The truly baffling thing is that I have another class file that does 
> virtually the same thing and it works just fine.  I've been looking at 
> this again and again and trying to figure out why doEndTag, doCatch 
> and doFinally are never called.   Can anyone here give me any 
> suggestions on what i can do to further debug this problem?  It's 
> getting really vexing.
> -tim
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