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From Glenn Nielsen <gl...@mail.more.net>
Subject BSF Jakarta-Taglib
Date Wed, 04 Dec 2002 13:20:37 GMT
Hi, I just joined the bsf-dev list. This message was also sent to taglibs-dev.

Now that BSF is hosted by the ASF Jakarta Project and there is a pending
BSF 2.3 release I have started work on updating the Jakarta-Taglibs BSF taglib
to get it ready for a 1.0 release after BSF 2.3 is released.

In the BSF CVS repository I noticed that there are some classes for a BSF taglib.
Perhaps the JSP custom taglib stuff should be removed from the BSF CVS repository
so that it is only located in one place, at Jakarta-Taglibs.

I was wondering if anyone had done a review of the licenses for all the
scripting languages BSF supports.  The BSF taglib creates an example web application
war file, but the examples can't run without the user downloading one or more of
the scripting languages.  It would be nice if several of the scripting languages
had compatible licenses so that we could create a BSF taglib example war which includes
the jar files for several scripting languages.  Then the examples would work without
the user having to download and install several scripting language jar files.



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