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From Tim Kettering <tims...@mac.com>
Subject Re: [String] stablizing release
Date Fri, 13 Sep 2002 12:23:28 GMT

Now that he mentions this, I like this idea.  I think it would be a good
idea to push out a 1.0 release based on the code we have now because it
would offer a point release based on code that's known to be stable and has
no current bugs on it (at least according to bugzilla).  We can't really
make that same promise immediately after we do the tags consolidation, so it
appears to me that it would be a more pragmatic approach if we release a 1.0
release based on the current code, then do the code consolidation.

My only concern with this strategy is that since Hen's planning on some
massive changes and consolidation of the tags to make it more streamlined,
in other words, big changes in how the tags are named, and what attributes
they will have, it appears to me that a "1.1" release wouldn┬╣t accurately
reflect what really happened, because there's a good chance any JSP pages
written against the current version of Strings will break.

To me, standard versioning convention would dictate that it should be a 2.0
release.  (Incompatible with code that was developed against previous
versions of the Strings).

Just my two cents,


> You could do a 1.0 beta release of the String taglib with its current
> features, then if there are no bugs do an official 1.0 release a few
> weeks later.
> Any new features for the String taglib could be in a 1.1 release.
> We really need to get better at having official stable releases of the
> taglibs.
> Many won't consider using something if it hasn't had an official release.

Tim Kettering

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