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From "Mark R. Diggory" <mdigg...@latte.harvard.edu>
Subject Re: LDAP taglib proposal
Date Fri, 27 Sep 2002 17:55:25 GMT
Of course, that was exactly my intention. I was only trying to discover 
the demographics of the group as a whole. I'm not sure who is doing what 
right now.


orhan alkan wrote:

> Hi Mark,
> I think we should learn people who are already participating actively. 
> Then we can talk about roles and responsibilies.
> Regards
> Orhan Alkan
> Mark R. Diggory wrote:
>> Pierre and Orhan,
>> I to would be interested in getting more involved. However, its 
>> unclear if there is anyone actually heading up / managing development 
>> of the JNDI taglibrary itself. It sounded like the original submitter 
>> of the project had left.  Id be curious to see some sort of role-call 
>> of developers on the JNDI taglib project at this time
>> Plus, while working extensively with our own CVS projects. I've never 
>> been involved directly with jakarta development. It seems theres a 
>> rather lengthy "internship like" process one has to go through 
>> (providing diff's to be applied by a "project admin") just to get to 
>> the point where one can commit code to the cvs. However, how can one 
>> send in diff's on the project, if no one is actually there to apply 
>> them as "project admin" for a particular project?
>> -Mark
>> orhan alkan wrote:
>>> Hi All,
>>> We have studied on merging LDAP taglib, we supposed, with existing 
>>> JNDI taglib. It'd better merge them. If you give us responsibilty of 
>>> JNDI tablig, we are enthusiastic to develop a more general JNDI taglib.
>>> I'm looking for hearing from you soon.
>>> Regards
>>> ORhan Alkan
>>> , we can develope
>>> Pierre Delisle wrote:
>>>> Orhan,
>>>> I've had a look at your LDAP taglib submission.
>>>> Looks good, but I do have the following concerns:
>>>> 1. Duplication of functionality
>>>>  As we all know, we already have a JNDI taglib offering.
>>>>  Unfortunately, its original developer is no longer
>>>>  active in our community, and it has not been "growing"
>>>>  much over time.
>>>>  However, before we accept another "competing" proposal,  I think 
>>>> we ought to have compelling reasons to choose that
>>>>  path, rather than work on evolving the current one.
>>>>  So, it would be great to have these reasons clearly exposed
>>>>  to the list.
>>>> 2. JNDI vs LDAP
>>>>  It would also be important to build the case for LDAP
>>>>  as opposed to a more generic JNDI taglib.
>>>>  [Would be great if you could address the questions that
>>>>   were sent by Henri Yandell]
>>>> 3. Design Patterns
>>>>  JSTL has introduced many patterns for the design
>>>>  of tag libraries. It would be great if new taglibs
>>>>  tried to adopt these design patterns whenever possible.
>>>>  [I see a lot of similarities between the JSTL <sql:*> tags
>>>>  and the JNDI/LDAP tags (configuration,  connect-query-access-update)]
>>>> 4. Collaboration with other interested parties
>>>>  At least one more member of this list (Mark Diggory)
>>>>  has expressed interest in seeing a "stable and effective  
>>>> Read/Write JNDI/LDAP taglibrary available and would be  willing to 
>>>> provide any of our code and any of my experience  to such a 
>>>> development." It would be great if we could
>>>>  leverage the skills from all interested parties to come up  with 
>>>> the best possible taglib.
>>>>    -- Pierre
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