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From Glenn Nielsen <gl...@mail.more.net>
Subject Re: [String] stablizing release
Date Sat, 14 Sep 2002 12:44:36 GMT
+1 also, the String taglib has been around for a while
Though never officially released I am sure many depend on it now.

Timothy Kettering wrote:
> Yeah.  I agree that since Strings hasn't hit 1.0 there's no 
> (technically) obligation to provide that functionality, after all beta 
> software is subject to change, but I know I wouldn't be an happy camper 
> if I found out that I had to scramble to find an obscure nightly build 
> that would be the last build of the Strings Taglib Formerly Known As 
> Strings, and carefully archive that if I had built an entire web 
> application around it.
> My opinion would be: Put out 1.0 release based on the current form, just 
> so that current users can have a final build to work with, then advise 
> users that development on Strings in that form will no longer continue, 
> and proceed with a 2.0 release with the refactored tags.  Maybe it makes 
> us just as bad as MS/Netscape in the version-incrementing game, but I 
> think it's a lot more user-friendly that way than putting the whammy on 
> a lot of very surprised users when they find out their "1.1" Strings 
> taglib binary download reduced their web application to a smoking mess 
> of "500 - Servlet Exception" pages.
> -tim
> On Friday, September 13, 2002, at 09:46 AM, Henri Yandell wrote:
>> Issues here are that generally when you make a 1.0 release you are
>> entering a backwards compatbility contract [or frequent arguments].
>> With the changes I'd like, having functionality in two places will be 
>> very
>> painful for users, but having the ones they've coded against vanish will
>> be even worse.
>> It's probably a development vs user issue. Until I see a 1.0, I don't 
>> feel
>> obliged to users to worry about backwards compatibility, but I'm probably
>> just fooling myself :)
>> I'm happy with a 1.0 [though it depends on a beta of commons-lang] and
>> then a 2.0, or a milestone-1, and then a 1.0.
>> Hen
>> On Fri, 13 Sep 2002, Tim Kettering wrote:
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