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From Glenn Nielsen <gl...@mail.more.net>
Subject Re: [String] stablizing release
Date Fri, 13 Sep 2002 12:06:18 GMT
Henri Yandell wrote:
> Hey Glenn,
> I'm not planning the JSTL stuff immediately, just some refactoring of tags
> and a few additions, so I'd like to go and make a stable release of the
> CVS soon. My sandbox is starting to get quite different. Do you think a
> milestone as Shawn suggested, or a beta?

A milestone means that not all features have been implemented.
A beta means that all features are implemented but the release isn't
considered production quality yet.

So it depends on the state of the String taglib.

You could do a 1.0 beta release of the String taglib with its current
features, then if there are no bugs do an official 1.0 release a few
weeks later.

Any new features for the String taglib could be in a 1.1 release.

We really need to get better at having official stable releases of the taglibs.
Many won't consider using something if it hasn't had an official release.

> Basically I aim to have a stable jar built, placed in the releases dir,
> hooked up to the site, and then I'll throw a bunch of tags out of
> CVS and merge them. A kind of tag-name normalisation.
> What's the process with Taglib deploying? Do you admin them and handle the
> builds, or is it easier for you if I learn how to do so?

Follow the instructions at:


This will help you get the taglib ready for release, I can do the
final steps to build and publish the release.



> Thanks,
> Hen
> On Wed, 11 Sep 2002, Glenn Nielsen wrote:
>>I would suggest a beta release of the current code.  I can help do this.
>>Once commons-lang is released we can do the final release.
>>JSTL requires JSP 1.2, the current String taglib works in JSP 1.1, right?
>>I would suggest a new String taglib, perhaps STLString which adds
>>support for JSTL and requires JSP 1.2.  And leave the current String
>>taglib as a JSP 1.1 compatible version.
>>That would work better within the current build system.
>>Henri Yandell wrote:
>>>I'm at a touch of a quandry.
>>>String taglib is dependent on Commons Lang, and I want to avoid releasing
>>>String until there is a Lang release.
>>>So lots of users are dependent on the nightly build of String.
>>>I want to make some, not massive, but substantial changes to the taglib's
>>>API, and also to make an attempt at adding JEL to it. I don't want to
>>>'break' on customers though.
>>>What I'm considering is some form of stable release, calling it a beta
>>>feels bad, but that's what it would be, a 1.0-b1, prior to making changes
>>>for a 1.0-b2, which would then hopefully mature to a 1.0 release.
>>>Before I call a vote on it, does anyone have any advice about other ways
>>>to do this etc?
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