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From orhan alkan <orhan.al...@sun.com>
Subject New Proposal
Date Mon, 05 Aug 2002 10:44:30 GMT
I'm really sorry. This the 3th email. I think there is problem with 
submitting attachments.
Here is our proposal;

1- Motivation

Searching on LDAP servers, presenting retrieved items and their 
attributes (including binary data such as images), and performing 
essential data manipulation (add, remove, update) operations.
There is a generic JNDI tag in Jakarta Taglibs that supports only the 
search operation. It is possible to extend it to cover the data 
manipulation while still keeping the generic way. In our practice, 
however, we noticed that it is better to develop an LDAP specific 
library to handle LDAP objects easier.
Simya ldap taglib v1.1 is available at http://www.simya.net site. It has 
been downloaded by more than 1000 developers so far and has received 
very positive feedbacks. We woud like to integrate join our product's 
revised and adopted 1.2 version to Jakarta Taglibs.

2 - Overview

In order to keep tags as simple as possible, we tried to select most 
common LDAP operations that JSP developers need. The developers are also 
free to apply unsupported operations to objects which are handled by taglib.
Following tag listing demonstrates our ldap taglib's functionality and 
hierarchy at a glance.
<ldap:property name="name" value="value" />

<ldap:connect [url="ldap://your.server"]
              [authtype="{none|simple|CRAM-MD5|DIGEST-MD5}" ] >
    <ldap:query [id="ID" basedn="baseDN"
                [limit="limit"] >

        <ldap:getDN [id="ID"] />

        <ldap:getAttribute name="name"
                                                    [mimeType="mimeType"] />

    <ldap:add dn="dn">
        <ldap:addAttribute name="name" value="value"/>

    <ldap:modify dn="dn">
        <ldap:modifyAttribute name="name" value="value" [type="type"] />

    <ldap:delete dn="dn" />
Despite self descriptive tags and attributes, we would better point a 
couple of tricky capabilities:
- Instances of <ldap:property/> tag store the connection parameters 
alternatively to attributes of <ldap:connect/> tag. This approach 
increases performance when the page has more than one connection as well 
as making flexible connection parameters.
- "mimeType" attribute of <ldap:getAttribute/> tag handles non-text 
output. There is a utility servlet attached to taglib which stores 
binary attributes temporarily to allow client applications to retrieve 
their contents.

3- Requirements

JDK 1.1 or higher
Servlet 2.2 and JSP 1.1 compatible servlet engine
Sun's JNDI API and LDAP implementation (included JDK 1.2 and above, it 
is available at http://java.sun.com/products/jndi for JDK 1.1 users).
We would like to have your recommendation on whether we should continue 
to support JSP 1.1 or switch to JSP 1.2 in the new release.

4- Commitment

We, Orhan Alkan and Ayhan Alkan, are committed to assume ownership of 
this tag library to ensure its quality and appropriate support. If we 
become unable to assume this responsibility, I will make sure that a 
replacement is found.

We are looking for hearing your comments
Orhan Alkan

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