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From peter lin <peter....@labs.gte.com>
Subject JSTL <x:out > performance
Date Fri, 28 Jun 2002 17:41:26 GMT

I've been doing some benchmarks with JSTL's <x:> tags and I'm seeing
some performance quirks, which I do not completely understand. I'm
hoping someone here has more knowledge of jaxen, who can tell me if what
i am seeing is a limitation of jaxen. I don't see anything obvious in
JSTL's use of jaxen that would cause slowness, but comparing the
translation using <x:> tags vs XSLT w/Xalan &Xerces, I was expecting
better performance.

If I use "//" to get to the desired node, it can take twice as long to
select that node. For example:

a. <x:if select="count($dom//rsPages) > 1">

b. <x:if select="count($dom/results/listingPage/rsPages) > 1">

when I time each one, I get the following:

a. ~220ms
b. ~40ms

If half my xpath statements use "//", the performance is bad. To
translate 15 rows of data with the following structure using "//" takes
about ~320ms.

<listing id="00000001">
  <ph desc="voice">

  <url name="details">url</url>
  <url name="map_url">url</url>
  <url name="addrbk">url</url>
  <url name="directions">url</url>

Whereas not using "//" results in the same process taking ~150ms. 
Another quirk I discovered is that using count() takes a performance
hit. Example below:

a. <x:if select="count($dom/results/listingPage/rsPages) > 1">
b. <x:if select="$dom/results/listingPage/pageInfo/totalpages[. > 1]">

In my tests, using count can add 5+ milliseconds depending on how many
<rsPages> nodes are in the document. My test pages show a difference of
~50ms. That doesn't sound bad at first, until you start throwing 16+
concurrent requests. Yet another example of a quirk:

<x:if select="$dom/results/listingPage/pageInfo/totalpages[. > 1]">
<x:set var="listing_items" select="$dom/results/listingPage[.]"/>
<c:set var="next_prev"><x:out
<!-- use $next_prev for if & choose --->
<x:forEach var="number" select="$listing_items/rsPages">

<x:forEach var="number" select="$dom/results/listingPage/rsPages">

Setting the node first and referncing off that results in performance
improvement. Using the second example can result in 2-3X increase.

I took a quick look a the ExprTag, ExprSupport and XPathUtil. It looks
it isn't doing any caching of nodes it's retrived. Is that true? If it
isn't, would the performance improve with caching?

peter lin

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